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How To Update Your Facebook Fan Page From Your iPhone

facebook-30-iphoneFacebook 3.0 iPhone App

Updating your Facebook Fan Page from your iPhone is now super easy thanks to the Facebook 3.0 iPhone App.

Unfortunately, for Blackberry owners, you still have to use the traditional method of visiting your mobile browser.

So this is assuming that first of all you have the Facebook 3.0 iPhone App running on your iPhone – if you don’t go here to download it.

Update Facebook Fan Pages from your iPhone

When you first open the Facebook 3.0 iPhone app on your iPhone, you should see a screen that looks like this:


In the upper right hand corner, tap the “Friends” box.

Once you tapped the “Friends” box, your friends section will open and then look at the bottom of your screen – you should now see 2 tabs along the bottom of your iPhone that reads:  “Friends” and “Pages”.

Go ahead and tap the “Pages” tab.

Once you’ve tapped the “Pages” tab, you should now be looking a list of all the Facebook Fan Pages that you administer (My Pages), and also those you are a fan of (Fan Pages).

Go ahead and click the Facebook Fan Page that you desire to update.

Once you’ve tapped your desired Facebook Fan Page, you should see the fan page open and look something like this:


Go ahead and tap in the “What’s on your mind?” text box.

Once you tapped on the text box, you should see a text editor window open.

Go ahead and type your desired message for your Facebook Fan Page, and then tap “Share” in the upper right hand corner.

And that’s it!

If you’re an admin to the Facebook Fan Page that you just updated on your iPhone, then all of your fans just got updated on their wall.

If you’re not an admin to the Facebook Fan Page that you just updated on your iPhone, then only the fan page itself, plus your personal friends on your Facebook profile, have been notified.

Any questions, feel free to contact me.

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