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Is Twitter Better Than TV?

twitter-bird-wallpaper.jpgI’m sitting in front of my computer because FOX NFL switched from Saints vs Redskins to Cowboys vs Giants when the Saints game had less than a minute left.  And the Saints were actually down by 7 when FOX made the switch.

So as soon as I got on my computer, I saw that “Saints” was a trending topic on Twitter so I click the word “Saints”.  And what did I get?  I got literally a play by play and second by second update from Twitter!

If you were following the Saints game on Twitter, you would know exactly what I’m talking about here.

Well, now the game is over and the Saints won 33 – 30, and have now moved to 12 – 0 on the season.

The ending of the game was intense, and I’m happy to say I was able to follow the whole thing on Twitter.

My question still stands though – is Twitter becoming more relevant than TV?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments…

2 replies on “Is Twitter Better Than TV?”

I would be so pissed if a network changed to a different game with a minute or less to go. Luckily you had twitter to follow the game. In this instance, yes twitter is great and very useful. I follow my teams via twitter during games even if I am home watching the same game.

Exactly – it's one thing to watch a game, but it's a whole lot better to see what the world is saying about the game. And with Twitter, especially on trending topics, there are so many updates that you can literally follow the game and the commentary, all at the same time!

Thanks for posting @graceyhearts (and thanks for the retweet…)

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