*AMAZING* Facebook Fan Page Gets Over 2200 Fans in 24 Hours!

ralph-lauren-boycott-facebook-fan-pageAs of 4:04 pm EST, the “Boycott Ralph Lauren” Facebook Fan Page has 2,245 fans. The amazing thing about this fan page is that it was started only 24 hours ago!

This Facebook Fan Page is a great example of what can happen when people are willing to come together and support a cause, a message, or a poduct – or in this case, take a stand against all of the above.

Here’s some more insight into the Boycott Ralph Lauren Fan Page:

“In late September, an ad by fashion giant Ralph Lauren surfaced in the United States showing an image of recently fired Filippa Hamilton that was so drastically retouched that the 120 lb 23 year old model looked sickly, emaciated, and almost alien.”

The page was started by Darryl Roberts, the producer of the documentary “America The Beautiful” where he brings light to the unhealthy obsession with beauty in America.

You can visit his site at http://AmericaTheBeautifulDoc.com

The growth of this fan page is unprecedented.  As I’m closing out this article, I just checked the fan count – it’s now at 2,304!  That’s 59 fans in the amount of time it took me to write this article!

You can visit the fan page here >>  http://Facebook.com/BoycottRalph