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Ustream iPhone App – Broadcast Live From Your iPhone

ustream-iphone-app-live-broadcastThis might just change everything!

Today, Apple approved the UStream iPhone App that allows you to broadcast live video directly from your iPhone – or I should say, your iPhone 3GS.  UStream earlier this year released a couple of iPhone App – one to watch UStream broadcasts, and another one to shoot video but then you had to upload it, which really didn’t make it live video.

However, today everything changes.  And with the ability to broadcast live video from your iPhone onto UStream, a whole new world of opportunity is going to open up.

Best of all, the new UStream iPhone App is 100% FREE!  Now you can broadcast yourself live from your iPhone absolutely free.

Get the new UStream iPhone App Here (opens in iTunes).

So what are your thoughts about the new UStream iPhone App that lets your broadcast live, for free, from your iPhone?

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