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Will The HootSuite iPhone App For Twitter Be FREE? [video]

hoot-suite-iphone-appHootSuite announced today they will be releasing an iPhone App that will be available, according to their website, tomorrow (December 10th, ) at 9am in the app store at iTunes.

Go to this link to watch the app go live tomorrow @ 9am

HootSuite promotes itself as a “professional Twitter client that lets users manage their entire Twitter experience from one easy-to-use interface.

With HootSuite, users can manage multiple Twitter profiles with multiple editors on each, schedule tweets, track stats, RSS their content, and more.”

But they are now on the move to make an impact in the mobile app world.

“HootSuite for iPhone is the only Twitter app that lets you view statistics,” say’s their blog post about the upcoming iPhone app.  “It’s also the only one that lets you schedule your tweets in advance.  With HootSuite for iPhone, you can send tweets to multiple accounts simultaneously, from the palm of your hand. But that’s not all.”

But Is It Free?

My only question is this – is the iPhone App going to be free?

Nowhere in the blog post announcing the new mobile app does it mention price.  Yet a lot of comments have been posted to their site asking this question!

The initial response I have to this question is – no, it will not be a free app!  And the reasoning I have is because HootSuite is targets a more professional audience, which implies, in my opinion, that the app will not be free.

I guess we’ll just have to wait until tomorrow to find out, but definitely let me know what you think in the comments below!

Finally, here’s a video promoting the new HootSuite mobile app:

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