How Much Will The Google Phone “Nexus One” Cost? How About FREE!

google-phone-nexus-one-image1I’m making my prediction right now – so when it happens, you’ll know where you heard it first!

I’m wagering that the new Google Phone “Nexus One” is going to be 100% free and fully subsidized by Google advertising revenue.

I mean why not?  Look at some of the best Google products on the market – Analytics, Google News, Picasa, Reader, Blogger, etc… they are all free.

But what’s the purpose behind all of these great products?  To make it easier for you to either create more content for the web, or to make it easier for you to access more content via the web where, ironically, Google’s ads are displayed!  It’s a beautiful thing really…

I believe that Google wants to make their own phone, solely owned and operated by Google, so they can offer the phone for free!  And why offer it – the Google Phone – for free?

Well that’s easy… because the more people who have the phone, the more people will be accessing the web and web based apps via the phone, which again, as with all of the other Google products in existence, are designed ultimately to generate more page views for advertisers!

The Google Phone Is Just Another Google Product

I’m the first one to admit that Google products are nothing less than amazing and are quickly revolutionizing the web.  But the products are all offered for free – and there has to be reason (and funding) behind all of this “free’ness”.  And that backing comes directly from Google advertising revenue.

I see the Google Phone as just an extension of the Google model of creating amazing products and offering them 100% free of charge.  In exchange for these amazing products being free, more people in more places throughout the world are able to utilize them.  And when it comes to the Google Phone, being able to “use” and “access” them also means accessing the web more often – creating more page views – generating more traffic to prominent content that runs Google ads.

I’m not saying it’s wrong or it’s a bad thing – in fact, I think it’s a genius business model.  I am saying that I see the Google Phone “Nexus One” as just another Google product – designed to be amazing, free, and encourage content access via the web, all in one!

And yes… I’ll be one of the first people standing in line waiting to get my free Google Phone “Nexus One”.

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