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How To “Send an Update to Fans” From Your Facebook Fan Page

facebook-fan-page-send-an-update-to-fansSend an Update to Fans

It is clear that Facebook is now moving toward a more “profit” / cash generation business model.  And nowhere is that more apparent than on your Facebook Fan Page.  I wrote last week about how to find your “Promote With A Fan Box” option because Facebook removed it from where it was.

Today, I want to help you find another Facebook Fan Page feature that has been moved, and that is the “Send an Update to Fans” option.

This feature allowed you to send a direct update to your Fans’ email within Facebook, and it was located directly underneath your Fan Page profile picture.  But just the fan box, it has been replaced by the “Promote with an Ad” link.

Here’s how to find your “Send an Update to Fans” option:

1) Click on the “edit page” directly underneath your Facebook Fan Page profile picture.

2) Once you’ve clicked “edit page” you should now be at the dashboard for your Facebook Fan Page > find the “promote your page” section on the right hand side of your dashboard (it’s right underneath your Fan Page insights).

3) You should now see your “Send an Update to Fans” option for your Facebook Fan Page.

Let me know if that helps!

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hi, i have sent more than 5 updates but no one has ever received it. Not even my sister. Any suggestions?

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