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Understanding Facebook Fan Page Admins

facebook fan page adminsA lot of people as me to explain exactly how “admins” work on a Facebook Fan Page.  In fact, it’s not uncommon for the same people to ask me more than once to explain it again, “only slower this time, please…”

Which I’m always perfectly happy and patient to oblige because I understand that Facebook Fan Page admin functionality can be a bit confusing.

First, let me explain what a Facebook Fan Page Admin is!

A Facebook Fan Page Admin is someone who has complete rights, control, and broadcast messaging capabilities on a Facebook Fan Page.  Now, unless you are the one that actually created the Fan Page, then all other admins must be given that right.  Learn more about how to add someone as a Facebook Fan Page admin here.

How Admin Functionality Works

The greatest misunderstanding with admins on Facebook Fan Pages is this – when you’re an admin for a Fan Page, and you send out a message via that Fan Page wall, your update DOES NOT have a picture of your personal Facebook profile – the image is of the Facebook Fan Page itself.

So admin functionality means that you, as an admin of a Fan Page, can type something via the Fan Page wall, send it, and then all of the fans of the page will receive – which means, your message will instantly broadcast to all fan members.  This also means that your update will have a picture of the Fan Page next to your message, and not your Facebook profile’s image.

If you ARE NOT an admin to Facebook Fan Page, you can likewise post something to a Fan Page wall (if they allow it), but your message will not broadcast to all fan members – it will only update in the Fan Page stream.  So the only way people will see your message on the Fan Page is by visiting the Fan Page and viewing your update.

Admins have  a lot of power when it comes to a Facebook Fan Page.  Not only are admins able to send out broadcast messages to all fan members, but they can also alter and customized the design of the Fan Page, they can actually remove fans from the Fan Page, and they can even add additional admins to the Fan Page.

Facebook Fan Page admins typically get confused when it comes to the broadcast message function.  It sometimes takes a while to get used to not seeing your image next to updates you send via your Fan Page.

Most people assume that their Facebook profile image should appear next to the updates.  And also, other people will chose to not be an admin of a Fan Page because their Facebook profile image is not associated with their udpates on the Fan Page.

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Hi Miranda – unfortunately, you cannot prevent an admin from deleting the page. That is why you must be very selective as to who you make admin.

Thanks for commenting!

quick question – when you add an administrator to a page, can they access your personal profile (you being the one who initially created the page)?

thanks –

I've just been added as an admin, and I can't seem to change anything on the fan page, such as the profile photo. What am I doing wrong, or where do I need to look? Thanks

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