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TiVo Genie – Set TV Recordings From Your iPhone And More

tivoIf love your TiVo, then things just got a whole lot better for you!  TiVo just announced TiVo Genie – a new features that allows you to set TV recordings from any web enabled device such as your iPhone, iPod Touch, Blackberry, PC and Mac computers, and any web enabled mobile phone.

To access the free service TiVo customers can simply log into their TiVo account at from their computer to access the online scheduling or from their mobile handset.

Robbee Minicola, chief executive of Hybrid TV commented on the launch of the new service.

“The immediacy of TiVo Genie is what makes it so appealing – we have enough to remember in our busy lives before we head out the door. If we can remove one stress it is now the one of knowing you don’t have to remember to set a recording at home before heading to the airport,” she said.

“The TiVo product just keeps getting better and more in tune with what people want in terms of content, control and convenience –always remaining simple and easy to use for the whole family.”

Minicola said that the TiVo Genie combined with the new TiVo 320 and CASPA service demonstrates how the TiVo can no longer be compared to other DVRs and has truly earned its badge of a ‘media device’.

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