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The Blackberry Presenter – A Mobile Projector That Fits In Your Pocket

blackberry presenterEverything is becoming “mobile” these days.  With technology like Google Apps, the iPhone, and the Blackberry, the need to actually sit down at a desktop computer is deminishing… quickly!

Blackberry has taken one more step to make the business traveler even more mobile by introducing the Blackberry Presenter.

The BlackBerry Presenter from RIM works with BlackBerry systems running version 4.6 or higher. As Al Sacco points out in his review of the BlackBerry Presenter, it is virtually identical to the Impatica Showmate device, which has been available for some time.  The primary differences are that the BlackBerry Presenter can deliver higher resolution images, and it works more seamlessly than presenting with the Showmate. [source: Washington Post]

The cool thing about The Blackberry Presenter is that it actually fits in your pocket!  So now you can have a projector and your Blackberry sitting comfortably in your pocket when your on your way to your next presentation.

Here’s more from The Washington Post:

You don’t need a computer to deliver a presentation with the BlackBerry Presenter, but you do need a monitor or projector to connect it to. Once it is connected and turned on, you can wirelessly present MicrosoftPowerPoint presentations stored on your BlackBerry.

The BlackBerry Presenter app for the BlackBerry device turns your BlackBerry into a Bluetooth remote for controlling the presentation as you speak. Simply navigate through the presentation by choosing Next Slide or Previous Slide from the BlackBerry Presenter app.

Your speaker notes embedded in your PowerPoint presentation will be available for you to read on your BlackBerry, and you are free to roam in a range of about 10 meters from the BlackBerry Presenter. You can also set the BlackBerry Presenter to loop through the slides at timed intervals as you speak, or as a display presentation for a product demonstration.

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