Google Adwords Tip – Build One Campaign Per Keyword Phrase

keyword phrase google adwords campaignsGoogle Adwords is like the Cadillac of online advertising.  It can be perceived as expensive, but the returns can be quite high.

I would say that well over 80% of Adwords advertisers find it to be “too expensive” because their campaigns are not set up properly, and are running very inefficiently.

And it’s because of this inefficiencies that new Adwords advertisers are prone to that I recommend, when just starting and learning the system, you build one campaign per keyword phrase – or at the very least, one root keyword phrase.

Building One Adwords Campaign per Keyword Phrase

A root keyword phrase would be defined as a root phrase with supporting words built around it.

For example, let’s say you own a bicycle shop.  It wouldn’t be wise to build an Adwords campaign and use the word “bikes for sale” in your campaigns.  The word is too undefined, and to open to errors of searching and meaning – and all of that means money flowing out of your pocket.

Instead, look at the types of bikes you sell, the models, names, etc… and then target root keyword phrases such as “diamond back mountain bike”, or “schwinn racing bikes”.

And for each of these keyword phrases, I’m suggesting that you’d be wise in building one campaign each for them.

This is especially important if you are wanting to use conversion tracking, which I also highly recommend.  Using Google Adwords conversion tracking will allow you to target and identify which campaigns are generating the highest return on your investment in Adwords.

This “conversion tracking” allows you to allocate more of a budget to what’s working well for you, and turning down your budgets on campaigns that are not working and converting.

One Google Adwords campaign per keyword phrase – focus on that, get it right and get it converting for you, and then expand to other campaigns and keywords.

The more you follow this process and system, the more experienced you’ll become and the effective you will be at expanding on your keyword phrases.

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