How To Find & Subscribe To Facebook Fan Page RSS Feeds

Did you know that every Facebook Fan Page wall has an RSS feed that can be subscribed to, grabbed, embedded, and everything else you can do with RSS?

The cool thing about a Facebook Fan Page RSS feed is that you only get that Fan Page’s updates in the feed – you don’t get all of the other comments from fans.

Here’s how to subscribe to, or otherwise find and grab, the RSS feed to any Facebook Fan Page:

If you use Firefox, this is really easy.  Just visit the Facebook Fan Page and you should see the orange RSS box to the right in the address bar.  Just click that RSS image and you’ll be taken to the RSS feed itself where you can subscribe to it in your favorite RSS reader.

You also just go to your Google Reader > click “Add Subscription” in the upper right hand corner, and enter the full URL of the Facebook Fan Page you want to subscribe to.

** CAUTION ** With Google Reader, make sure you are only putting the URL of the Facebook Fan Page itself, without the addition attributes that Facebook likes to add at the end of URL’s.

For example:  When you visit this Facebook Fan Page, the URL that shows in the address bar is this >>

But the actual URL of the Fan Page, and the one that needs to be added to the “Add Subscription” box is this >>

Notice the “?ref=ts” part is left off.  If you were to include the “?ref=ts” part, then you won’t be able to subscribe to the feed.

Finally, you can add the Facebook Fan Page URL (as I just described above) to something like FeedBurner, and create a new RSS feed.  Just enter the Facebook Fan Page URL in FeedBurner, follow the steps, and you’ll now have a FeeburnerFeed of your desired Facebook Fan Page.

And once you’ve got your FeedBurner feed of your Facebook Fan Page, now you can have people subscribe to your Fan Page via email, and a whole myriad of other RSS feed subscription techniques.

Since you can subscribe to Facebook Fan Page wall streams, this also means that you can easily embed your Fan Page updates into other sites, blog, etc…

Did you know that your Facebook Fan Page had an RSS feed?  For some reason, I’m just now realizing this…. hmmm….