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Perform Plastic Surgery On Your Friends with iSurgeon [iPhone App]

isurgeon iphone appWhen I checked out the new iSurgeon iPhone App in the app store, the first thing that jumped out at me was the app founder (Dr. Salzhauer), and his inviting words of promotion that reads:  “Hi, I am Dr. Salzhauer, welcome to iSurgeon where you can perform plastic surgery on your family and friends right on your iPhone!”  Really….

There’s only one thing that is more fascinating to me than the number of innovative ways people are using Twitter, and that is the number of creative ways people are using the iPhone.  Today really marks a level in my “wow – I can’t believe the iPhone can do that”!

Introducing iSurgeon – a new iPhone app that allows you to play the role of plastic surgeon.  From altering your skin, giving yourself implants, and whatever other creative things you can image, the iSurgeon app has it all.

The iSurgeon app even comes with sound effects so you can the full fledge experience of being a plastic surgeon!

This is really sort of gross to me, however I imagine that the iSurgeon app will become one of the more popular iPhone apps in the app store.

Check it out the iSurgeon iPhone App by clicking here (opens iTunes app store).

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