Google Adwords Conversion Tracking Keys To Success

google adwords conversion trackingThis article is from my other site where I write exclusively about Google Adwords tips, tricks, and strategies for success.  In this article I talk about the key strategy to success in Google Adwords conversion tracking.

Google Adwords is a highly effective form of advertising for both small local clients, and even international corporations.

One of the elements of Google Adwords that makes it so effective is the fact that you can measure, and analyze, just about every detail imaginable.  Conversion tracking is one of the tools that allows you to track the performance of your Google Adwords campaign, and analyze the key factors as what is, and what isn’t, working for your campaign.

When it comes to Google Adwords conversion tracking, there is certainly a wrong way, and a right way, to go about setting it up and analyzing the data.  The most important thing for you to do, when setting up your conversion tracking, is to put some deep thought and insight into what defines a true conversion in your site.

Defining What True Conversion Means On Your Site

How do you define true conversion for your website, you might ask?  The answer is quite simple!  Look at your website – are you selling product, or are you capturing leads?  Are you trying to get your phone to ring, or are you channeling your traffic to another page within your website.  All of these could be defined individually as a successful conversion, depending on your business, and what action you wanted a visitor to take.

So identify that one page within your website, the one page that if someone lands on it, you can definitively say “that would be a true conversion”.  That one page, whatever it may be, needs to be the page that you place your Google Adwords conversion tracking code on.

Once your Google Adwords conversion tracking is in place, and it’s installed on your most optimal page within your website, you can then go about your business of tracking and analyzing what’s going on with your Google Adwords campaign.  This analysis will be 100% more productive, because with conversion code placed on your most optimal page, you can track not only Google Adwords traffic, but also traffic from all other resources on the web as well.  You’ll also be able to tell where traffic is coming from – whether it’s from Google search, your Adwords campaign, or some other source.  You will also be able to determine what keyword phrases people are using in Google to find your page or your website.  All of this data comes together to deliver you highly insightful feedback on the overall performance of your website with Google Adwords.

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