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Blogging 101 – Defining Your Goals

blogging define your goalsBlogging 101 – Defining Your Goals

Blogging is not all that different than any other venture you pursue in life.  Whether you want to excel in your studies, sports, or business, what will dramatically increase your chances of success is simply having an established goal.

The same applies to building a successful blog.  You have to first define your goals!

What does it mean to “define your goals” when it comes to your blog?

Defining your goals with your blogging venture can be achieved by answering the following questions:

1)  Why Am I Blogging

The question, “why am i blogging?” really gets to the heart of your motivation and ambitions for starting a blog.  And whatever you answer is to this question, will instantly define one of your key goals for your blog.

Your answer will also let you know, if you’re honest with yourself, if you goal is realistic enough for you to stick with it (blogging) for the long term.  If your goal is superficial, or consists of a short term emotional reaction, then you are not very likely to write in your blog over the long term.  And long term blogging is really what’s necessary to experience growth and success.

2)  Who Do I Want To Attract To My Blog

This question takes “why am I blogging?” one step further by now defining who you actually want to attract to your blog.  The audience that you desire to attract will directly influence the type of the content that you produce.

And by knowing the type of people you want to attract, and on a larger scale, the audience you want to attract, will dramatically increase the efficiency and passion at which you produce content.

Final Thoughts

Whether you are just starting a blog, or you’ve had a blog for quite some time, honestly answering these 2 questions will help you build a strong platform upon which your blog will grow.

Answering these 2 questions will also allow you to stay more focused on generating effective content for your audience.

You’ll even find that when you are not at your computer blogging, by having clearly targeted goals in place, your mind will think of new content to produce once you do finally sit  down to write.

So have you answered these 2 questions yet?  If not, let me know how I can help you become a more effective blogger in the comments.

If you have answered these questions, let me know what you’ve come up with for your blog in the comments?

The discussion and dialogue will help you, and others, define and refine their own goals!

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