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Olympic Videos: Ice Dancing Wild & Wacky Costumes {VIDEO}

Current Most Popular 2010 Olympic Videos

Over the past 2 weeks, I find myself frequently visiting the NBC Olympic website to watch the videos.  The website has full length, high quality videos of all of the events, you just have to put up the commercials at the beginning.  And I like how NBC tracks the views of each video and gives you a “Most Popular” category.

2010 Olympic Video: Ice Dancing Wild & Wacky Costumes

The current most popular video on the NBC 2010 Winter Olympics’ website is called “Ice Dancing Wild & Wacky Costumes”.  And as you can guess, it highlights some of the wackiest costumes worn by the ice skaters during competition.

Unfortunately, I can’t embed the video here because of Olympic copyright limitations, but click the image below to view the full length, high quality video at the NBC Olympic website:


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