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Scratching My Head Over Farmville

farmville1I have many friends on Facebook that have apps that post their status of things like Bejeweled Blitz or Farmville. I am struggling with this. I need help understanding why these type apps are being used to spend people’s time. I try to have an open mind about things and have never played any game on a computer.

I do have a Nintendo Wii and play occasionally, and I will say that playing Mario Kart over the Internet with my nephew is wild.That is incredibly fun. Teresa (my fiancée) and I call my nephew on the phone and both play him live. That is a blast.

Sorry about that rant. What I need help understanding is watching my friends’ posts that make it look like they are playing Farmville all day or are using their iPhone to play Bejeweled Blitz. Please help me understand.

I need to know if these people are really having fun or are they addicted to games that put money in another peoples’ pocket? Do these people play these games to avoid spending time with their families? I don’t think so. What I need is a logical explanation as to why people are spending their time playing and interacting with these games, and then having their status posted automatically on Facebook. It’s like an automatic reminder that “I’m bored and the best thing I can do is play this game.”

I don’t like Facebook apps that work like pyramid schemes. Farmville gets each player to request things from their friends which does nothing but perpetuate a game that seems to have no purpose. I can’t stand apps that ask questions about your friends and then post to your wall that questions have been answered about you and you have to answer 50 more questions in order to see what friends answered questions about you.

It seems that Facebook thrives on pyramid schemes and chain letters because that’s what is dominating most posts. You wouldn’t put up with a chain letter or participate in any pyramid scheme. So why use these apps. I need help understanding and I am hoping users will enlighten me.

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I would say that most of FB's games are addicting. However, I enjoy playing the one-minute game Bejeweled Blitz. I spend most of my time on the computer daily working on our website, doing internet marketing, seo things to help us rank better in the search engines. So, to take a break from the deep thinking I do, I play a one minute game and that kinds of makes me feel like I am clearing my brain and taking a break. I won't play FarmVille, YoVille and the others that make you come back on a daily basis to reach levels, etc. FB is a great for social marketing (which we do for our cabin rental business). Our website is: and our FB Fan page is: . and you know how much work is involved with the networking part and getting fans. I learned a lot of it from your FB Fan Page and your website. Long story short, I play the one minute games as a break from the deep thinking I do on the internet and my website. However, I do not spend any more then 30 minutes a day playing games. I know I could be doing other things, but I always have other things that need to be done.

I understand that playing games can reenergize us and I encourage that. I go for walks to clear my head and get away from the computer, but I don't understand addiction to games that are played during what I would consider productive hours.


I don't understand mindless activities. Going for a walk and taking in the fresh air is one thing but taking a break from computer based work by playing a computer based game seems counter-productive and pointless. Get up, get out, and be active. The fact that you are using this post to promote your website and your FB fan page infers that your SEO strategy isn't working and implies you are cheap!

Someone should make a Facebook ap game where you fly around blowing things from all the other Facebook ap games up in the manner of that old Intellevision game “B-17 Bomber”… Maybe make the player’s plane a P-47 Thunderbolt so you could fly both air-to-air and air-to-ground missions depending on the loadout you select for your plane prior to starting a mission (kind of like World of Tanks).

“Burst as many Famville hot-air balloons as possible in 30 seconds!”

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