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Get More Leads With A Facebook Fan Page

lead generationDo you have a website or a blog for your business?  Are you struggling to figure out how to generate leads on the web?  Then perhaps you haven’t yet considered how effective a Facebook Fan Page can be at generating leads.  In fact, statistics show that you more than likely don’t even have a Facebook Fan Page for your business.

Facebook Fan Page Lead Generation

If that’s the case, then keep reading to learn how a Facebook Fan Page can help you dramatically increase leads – regardless of what type of business, product, or service you may have.

Why A Facebook Fan Page

I’m a big believer in the fact that the most effective online marketing is achieved when you can deliver your message (or content) to an audience that has requested to hear from you.

Some people call this “permission based marketing”.

It would only make sense then that if you want to increase your leads, and thus your sales, from the Internet, then you need to have an effective “permission based marketing” platform.  Meaning, you need to be able to increase your list of subscribers that are wanting to receive information from you.

As you build your list, then it simply becomes a number’s game – the more people you send your marketing message out to, the higher probability of converting sales.  Increase your subscriber list equals increased sales – period.

A Facebook Fan Page provides the most effective “permission based marketing” platform the online business world has ever seen.

Each time  a new person becomes a “fan” of your Facebook Fan Page, you’ve just captured a new lead for your business.

Plus, increasing “fans” (or leads) on your Facebook Fan Page is super easy – all someone has to do is click the “Become A Fan” button.

As compared to email subscription list building services where you have to enter a name, email, etc… click the “Join” button, then take the additional step to go to your email inbox, open the “confirmation” email and click the confirmation link….

That’s crazy compared to the efficiencies of a Facebook Fan Page.

With a Facebook Fan Page, people only have to do 1 thing – click the “Become A Fan” button!

Facebook Fan Box For Your Website or Blog

Every Facebook Fan Page has what’s called a fan box. Facebook provides you with a snippet of code that you add to your website or blog.  Once added, you will then have a small banner that allows people to become a fan of your Facebook Fan Page.

People visiting your website or blog will be able to see your Facebook Fan Page box and easily click the “Become A Fan” button.  This allows you to quickly and easily increase “fans” right from your website or blog.

Permission Based Lead Generation

As I’ve mentioned before, people who become a fan of your Facebook Fan Page are high quality leads for your business, product, or service.  In fact, I would argue that they are higher quality leads even compared to email subscription lists, because people are starting to spend more time on Facebook than they do in their emails.

Plus, with your Facebook Fan Page, all of the fans can comment and interact with you, allowing for high quality interaction between you and your leads (fans).

Facebook Fan Page Lead Generation

So get started today by creating a Facebook Fan Page for your business.  Then, add the fan box to your website or blog and watch your fan numbers increase.

Finally, understand that fans are the equivalent of “leads” that you’d get through email subscription forms.  And I consdier them higher quality leads simply because Facebook is the connection that brought you (your business) and your leads together.

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