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Facebook Fan Page Tips – Get Your Fans Sharing & Commenting

shareable facebook fan page contentCreating ‘sharable’ updates on your Facebook Fan Page

Yesterday I wrote about how the best way to increase traffic, exposure, and fans on your Facebook Fan Page was by getting your current fans to ‘share’ your content and to interact on your Fan Page.

Well, that sounds easy enough in concept.  But how do you get people to start ‘sharing’ your Fan Page updates?  What type of content is most ‘sharable’?  And what are some strategies you can use to encourage your existing fans to comment and engage in discussions on your Facebook Fan Page?

After all, the more your current fans interact on your Fan Page, and share your updates, the more viral marketing exposure and growth your Fan Page will receive.

On Target Updates

In my experience, the updates that are most ‘shared’ by the fans of my Facebook Fan Page are those that are what I call, on target updates.

On target updates consists of updates that are directly related to, relevant to, and informative to your existing fans.  And most importantly, on target updates are those designed to add value to your existing fans.

Relevant and Informative Content

Updates that are directly related and informative to your fans are those that are relative to the nature of your Facebook Fan Page.  For example, I get a lot of negative feedback on my Facebook Fan Page whenever I share content about sports, politics, etc…

My Facebook Fan Page is about “Social Media SEO” – not politics.  And the fans of my Page (understandably so) don’t appreciate off the wall updates coming from me.

However, when I share on target content – like the latest Facebook Fan Page tip – then the fans of my Page respond by sharing my updates and commenting on the updates.

Add Value to your Fans

The second way to maximize your chances at getting your fans to share your updates and add comments is to create updates that actually add value to your existing fans.

How do you share updates that add value to your fans?

Here’s a couple of ideas:

  1. Share “tips” on how to do something
  2. Share “insider information” about your niche
  3. Add quizzes with questions relevant to your audience
  4. Ask directly for feedback / survey type questions
  5. Add games that are related to your niche

These are all great ways to get people active on your Facebook Fan Page.  By sharing updates that add value to your fans, they will begin to share your updates on Facebook, and interact with comments.  All of which will dramatically increase your exposure (and your growth) of your Facebook Fan Page.

What are some ways that you’ve been able to get your fans to share your content, and interact more on your Facebook Fan Page?

7 replies on “Facebook Fan Page Tips – Get Your Fans Sharing & Commenting”

When i share a post it is Posted on my Wall rather than my fan page’s wall. how can i post content directly from my website to my fan page?

Is your website a blog? If so, you can use your Facebook Fan Page “Notes” to post your articles directly to your Fan Page – this is done with the use of a blog’s RSS feed.

I had all my 500 fans “suggest to friend” and got a total of.. 27 new fans, which really isn’t much over the course of a week.

I’m wondering whether you can help me. I “Like” a fan page recently and suddenly on Oct 3, 2010, I found out that the fan page were missing “Like”, “Comment” and “Share” buttons. Even the “Wall” section was gone. On further inspection, my former comments and postings on that fan page were also missing. Why? How can I fix this? Please help!

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