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Google Android Creeping Up On iPhone (Chart)

android vs iphone marketshareWith Google Android still very new in the mobile device marketplace, we are starting to see it creep up on the iPhone.

The Google Android mobile operating system is beginning to make some ground into the mobile phone marketplace. Most importantly, it’s marketshare is showing growth from month to month, whereas the iPhone’s growth is becoming stagnate. In fact, we can even say that it’s decreasing.

Take a look at the charts below (provided by OSNews):

mobile phone market share

In the United States, Anroid devices have almost overtaken the iPhone

The stats above show the worldwide numbers, but nothing is quite as profound as when you look at the United States comparisons.

In the US, Google’s Android has nearly overtaken the iPhone in marketshare. The growth for Android devices is increasing, yet the growth for the iPhone is decreasing.

Is the “wow factor” of the iPhone diminishing?

It almost appears as though the iPhone is losing its luster in the marketplace.  Android devices are popping up all over the place, and with multiple carriers. Yet the iPhone is housed within Apple.

Here’s the United States mobile marketshare chart:

mobile phone market share united states

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Look like Google's open source Android is going to be head to head with iPhoneOS anytime soon. This is a good market movement. In the end, it is the end users who willbenefir with this competition.

The numbers you are citing are not marketshare, but "mobile web usage". iPhone has dominated the mobile web both worldwide and in the USA because it had the best browser for quite some time; it's mobile web share is declining now not because the actual marketshare is declining (it's actually still growing, though not nearly as fast as Android), but because other smartphones now have good browsers as well.

Actual market share numbers:

Worldwide – Symbian 47%, RIM 19%, iPhone 14%, Windows 9%, Generic Linux 5%, Android Linux 4%, WebOS 1%

USA – RIM 40%, iPhone 25%, Windows 16%, Android 7%, WebOS 6%, Others 6%

On average, android users surf the web on their phone's a lot more than iphone users. they have only 7% of the market but have 42% of the Web traffic. This makes sense when you consider who the typical android users are compared to the typical iphone users. Similarly blackberry users don't seem to use their phones to go online.

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