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Google Adwords Goes Mobile

adwords for mobileThe Google Adwords management dashboard is now available via select mobile devices.

Have you ever wanted to manage your Google Adwords campaign from your mobile phone? The concept of accessing Google Adwords while you are on the go is something advertisers have been clamoring for aggressively.

Well now, as of Yesterday, Google will start rolling out the Google Adwords management dashboard for mobile devices.

Google announced Adwords for mobile yesterday via the Inside Adwords blog.

Adwords for mobile is currently available for for the iPhone, Android and Palm devices.

Sorry Blackberry owners, you’ll have to wait awhile (again…) for RIM to jump on board with this new application.

Although you won’t be able to don’t intense Adwords management like creating a new campaign or adding / deleting keywords, Adwords mobile gives you a great resource for managing your campaigns on the go.

Here’s more from Inside Adwords:

AdWords for mobile works best when you customize your experience. Before using the mobile website, you should log in from your desktop computer and choose the parts of your account that you want to monitor closely.

Set up custom alerts for key account events (like when your campaign reaches 90% of your daily budget, or when your traffic drops substantially compared to the previous week), and saved filters to flag your most important keywords and campaigns.

You’ll then see these filters and alerts on your AdWords for mobile home screen.

The concept of Adwords for mobile is to give you, the advertiser, access to the most important information in your account.  The focus of Adwords for mobile is to let you view core basic data and make basic edits to your Google Adwords campaigns and keywords.

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