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Vonage Mobile Coming to AT&T, T-Mobile via Android

Vonage Mobile Coming to AT&T, T-Mobile via Android

vonage mobile

With Vonage trying to find a new way to profitability, it has turned a large amount of its resources to the mobile environment.

And today, Vonage announced the release of a new Android powered mobile app called Vonage Mobile that will be for AT&T and T-Mobile handset customers.

Vonage Mobile is currently available on the Blackberry, iPhone, and iPod touch devices, and it facilitates users to utilize Vonage’s service to make domestic calls over a WiFi network.

According to, users can also use the app to make calls, including international ones, over a cellular connection. The phone number used is the same as the one on the phone. This gives customers the flexibility to use Vonage’s pricing package for making global calls, which it says can save more than 50%.

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