Phil Mickelson Nickname FIGJAM After 2010 Masters

Phil Mickelson Nickname FIGJAM After 2010 Masters

More than anything, I’m really confused as to why Phil Mickelson has been honored with the nickname “FIGJAM”. Do you know what FigJam stands for? It stands for (“F*ck I’m Good, Just Ask Me).

This nickname for Phil Mickelson really confuses me actually because where do we see Phil Mickelson being arrogant or prideful or anything like that?

If anything, Phil Mickelson is probably humbled by his wins on the golf course while simultaneously remaining strong for his wife who is battling breast cancer.

Phil Mickelson 2010 Masters golf tournament

Phil Mickelson definitely has a lot to be thankful and a lot to celebrate in his life.

At the age of only 39 years old, Mickelson has won the 2010 Masters Golf Tournament. His wife Amy and kids were there to witness the triumphant victory at Augusta National.

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