iPhone 4G – Is It The Blackberry Killer?

iPhone 4G – Is It The Blackberry Killer?

I wrote yesterday about how I believe the iPhone 4G announcement may be coming on June 22nd.

My argument for that was based on the fact that Apple appears to have rented out The Yerba Center in San Francisco for that date (June 22nd). This is typically what Apple does when they have a big announcement to make, and it is highly expected that the iPhone 4G is on their agenda for that announcement.

iPhone 4G taking on the Blackberry

With the introduction of the iPhone OS 4.0 last week, the big focus on the operating system upgrade has been “multi tasking” – allowing you to do more things at once from your iPhone.

Some people believe that the new iPhone 4G is simply performing tasks that the Blackberry has already been performing for quite some time.

But the different in the Blackberry, especially compared to the iPhone 4G, is the web data accessibility while performing all of  your additional tasks.

The Blackberry is just not very conducive to web accessibility, and certainly no where close to what the iPhone (and iPhone 4G) could achieve.

Plus the multi tasking that is predominant on the the iPhone 4G is focused on “apps”. And again, apps is an area that Blackberry just has not been able to keep up with data phones.

I think that Blackberry owners are the most faithful mobile phone owners in the entire market, but the advances of the iPhone 4G, and the iPhone OS 4.0, even they are going to start taking a second look at the iPhone.

The web accessibility aspect is a becoming a bigger deal in the business / corporate environment, and certainly data phones like the iPhone are far superior than any Blackberry when it comes to accessing the web.