Jaimee Grubbs Released Out of Jail: Tiger Woods’ Mistress

jaimee grubbs arrested releasedJaimee Grubbs Released Out of Jail: Tiger Woods’ Mistress

Yesterday I wrote about how Jaimee Grubbs, Tiger Woods’ alleged mistress, was arrested in West Hollywood for driving with a suspended license.

Jaimee Grubbs was actually handcuffed at the scene and taken to the LA County Jail to be booked in – that means, Jaimee Grubbs was arrested.

The harsh part of the story is that Jaimee Grubbs was held on $30, 309 bail – now that sounds a bit harsh for being arrested on a suspended license.

Anyway, Jaimee Grubbs was released early Thursday morning, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department said.

Her bail was set at $30, 309, according to the West Hollywood Watch Commander.

This figure includes the fees for two additional warrants that were out for her arrest.

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