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iPad 3G Shipping Date 4/20?

iPad 3G Shipping Date 4/20?

ipad 3g shipping date

There are confirmed credit card charges from people who have pre-ordered the iPad 3G, and just within the past few hours are starting to see charges hitting their card from Apple in the amount of shipping.

The date for the shipping charge, according to those who are reporting, is showing an iPad 3G shipping date of 4/20 (Tuesday).

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I also pre-ordered the 3G ipad on March 12. No shipping charges yet. But they sent the case and the extra charger a week ago.

I’d like to see some of these charges. How is it that this is the only website with confirmed charges? No one else seems to be posting any of this and if the thing is shipping from china how in the hell would it get to your door by Tuesday? I’m calling rumor.

If these people placed the order within the past few days ago, they will see an authorization from Apple on their credit card just to verify the funds are available. I ordered mine on March 12th and about a week and a half later, my card was authorized for the amount of my iPad. The charge fell off 4-5 days later. Standard procedure. Don't get your hopes up.

I just which they would tell us already, I need to schedule a day off work to stay home for the delivery!

I pre-orded the 3G on 4/3. Just got the charge for it today (4/19) on my CC. Shipping still says "late April" but being charged today is a good sign.

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