Justin Bieber Wants To Date Beyonce & Kim Kardashian

Justin Bieber Wants To Date Beyonce & Kim Kardashian

Sorry ladies, I know that you all want to be Justin Bieber’s girlfriend, as is evident by the massive commenting about being Justin Bieber’s girlfriend on my blog.

But you’ll have to get in line behind two ladies that Justin Bieber has already said that he wants to date.

Justin Bieber wants to date Beyonce and Kim Kardashian..

I think though that Beyonce and Kim Kardashian are both like at least 20 years older than Justin Bieber, so they might not quite be interested in the young pop star.

But then again, from the responses that Justin Bieber receives from his worldwide fans, maybe they would re-consider dating Justin Bieber just this once.

Ladies all over the world wish they were Justin Bieber’s girlfriend. Many young ladies will stand in line all night long, endure inclement weather, and and go with out sleep just for the opportunity to get only one photo with the pop super star.

According to MTV, Justin Bieber was asked whether he had any celebrity crushes and the 16-year old said: “I can pick any girl… I’m gonna take Meagan Good. I’m gonna take Kim Kardashian. And Beyoncé.”

And so there you have it, Meagan Good, Kim Kardashian and Beyonce.

Out of hundreds of millions of fans that wish they could be dating Justin Bieber, these are the three that he expresses an interest in.

Like I said before, this by no means implies that any of these three ladies are even remotely interested in 16 year old Justin Bieber.

One thing is for sure with Justin Bieber, he seems to prefer older women.