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iPad 3G Release / Ship Date – April 20th (Verified Charges)

iPad 3G Release / Ship Date – April 20th (Verified Charges)

ipad 3g shipping credit card charge

Credit cards being charged for shipping

There are reports starting to come in from people who have pre-ordered the iPad 3G that their credit cards are now being charged for shipping, and the shipping date on the credit card charges are reading 4/20.

You can see the comments from the people who are starting to see Apple shipping charges hit their credit cards, and you can also see where they are saying that their credit card charge is showing a ship date of 4/20.

Pre-Ordered iPad 3G / Release and Shipping Date

Apparently, if you pre-ordered your iPad 3G through the Apple website and used your credit card for the purchase, then you were notified that your card would not be charged until the iPad 3G’s were released and ready to be shipped to you.

So now people are starting to report their credit cards are being charged for the shipping.

Can anyone else verify this, or have any additional details?

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Interested in this also-Order date is 03/19/10, no change in status, nor has my CC been charged or pre-authorized.

I was also one of the first to pre order as well and I haven’t seen any shipping charges yet. I can’t wait till the ipad 3g comes out. I feel like I have been waiting an eternity to get it.

Look at this, we are working ourselves into a frenzy. Okay Steve, you win, here is my first born son, now please let me have one!

My daughter's 33. Will Steve take my grandchild? He's only 2! Pleeeezzzzee Steve, I NEED my iPad! BTW, I just checked and my card hasn't been charged yet.

I’d like to see some of these charges. How is it that this is the only website with confirmed charges? No one else seems to be posting any of this and if the thing is shipping from china how in the hell would it get to your door by Tuesday? I’m calling rumor.

My guess is that Apple will ship this week. We'll probably all have them by this Saturday. I read an online rumor that Apple blocked all store employees from being on vacation this upcoming weekend. If this is true, I imagine it's for the 3G release. Waiting for this is like waiting for Christmas when I was 6 years old. This is pure torture.

I agree Jordan. I actually don't see anyone on this thread that is saying their credit cards have been charged or pre-authorized.

I see two $1.00 charges from Apple which should typically be verification of my card, however they changed into the prices of the two accessories that have already shipped out. Hoping these two are the initial charges for iPad and AppleCare? Other than that, no word on shipping or why these two verification charges came back out of nowhere.

I just checked my online order status, and Apple's still saying shipping in late April. There are none of the magic words like "prepared for shipment."

My credit card was charged for $12.81. Shipping for the iPad is free, but if you pre-ordered on March 12th you had the option for expedited shipping which, for me, was $12.81. Looks like April 20th will be the ship date!!!!

I've got 2 new charges today:
$85.02 and $35.89

I pre-ordered the 64G 3G ($829) with AppleCare ($99) and $14 shipping – not sure how these charges relate – tax should be 7%.


I pre-ordered mine on March 12th and I just checked my on line statement and there are no charges for it as of April 18th. I did receive the accessory cover that I ordered at the same time in the mail about a week ago.

I pre-ordered mine on March 15th and I just checked my on line statement and there are 3 AUTHORIZATIONS for it as of April 18th. 2 for $1.00 each and 1 for $878.74 …. Debit authorization Apr 15 04:15p at 16:10 APL*APPLONLINESTO 800-876-2775

IJWTS that I think it's a great sign of the times that the ship date is 4/20, if indeed that is true.

BTW are the devices shipping from China? When I ordered a Mac Mini a few years ago that's where it was shipped from.

I preordered mine on Friday morning, and they charged the card that afternoon. Didn't pay for any special shipping method — they don't have anything but the free shipping available.
That all being said, I have no firstborn child. Can I trade my younger brother instead?

It sounds like some who have paid for their iPad with a debit card may be seeing a pre-auth. I don’t see anything on my AMEX, but then again I never do until the charges are final.
I pre-ordered on 3/12.

I certainly HOPE that it ships this week! This wait is driving me nuts.

I just checked my CC and Apple charged me $12.84 on 4-16-10. I ordered my iPad 3g March 12th and added expedited shipping for $12 more. Sale tax in Mississippi is 7% ($12.00 + 7% Tax = $12.84). This is a GREAT sign!!

Mine is charged on AMEX (ordered March 12) so I won't see a pre-authorization either. I did receive my iPad case a while back via Fedex. Will the Ipads ship via Fedex also?

I got part of my order via FedEx too.

Much better than the service Apple used to use, DHL, which managed to lose/steal a laptop back from repair about 4 years ago.

I see charges on my card on 4/17/10 showing pending. There are actually 3 from Apple on my statement, one for $105 (has to be the Apple Protection) and then two pending charges for $1.00.

I have pending charges on my Visa from Apple for a 3G ordered on 4/13. Exact total from Apple receipt. 3G and tax. No shipping. Bank states it can take 3 to 5 days to post. Shipping must be this week! Can't wait!

i dont have any charges on my card yet, i believe they will ship april 20th though and people will recieve their ipads by the friday the 23rd. i cant wait for mine!!

Finally! Apple charges on my CC! the amount doesn't make any sense to me, but who cares. I just want my 3G. This is how it all went down when the Wifi version was released. I can only anticipate that we will receive tracking numbers by Tuesday. Saturday has to be the official USA release date.

I’m holding on to the hope that it will arrive by Friday. I’m having mine delivered to my office, so that means that Saturday = Monday for me. Though even Monday would be better than sometime in May!

I just got an e-mail from Apple stating that, as promised, my iPad 3G would ship in late April. No other information on the date, and sofar no charge to my credit card.

I got the e-mail as well, so I checked my order status page. And, showing as “prepared for shipment” is ….. the Camera Connector Kit.


I pre ordered mine on 4/05. I originally had two $1.00 apple authorization charges and one for the main amount($936.00)that posted right after the order. But all those charges cleared out after a day or two. However I haven't even received an email from apple at all after the initial confirmation order. My order status says "Not yet shipped" but the bottom still states "Late April". So I'm really confused now!

I also just got an e-mail from Apple stating that, as promised, my iPad 3G would ship in late April. I ordered on March 12th.

I don't know how meaningful this is, but I just checked my order (for the millionth time today) and found that my payment information is frozen. Meaning that I can't change payment method, so perhaps they've already hit up my card and it just isn't showing up on my card. One thing's for sure, I'm going to have a nervous breakdown if this thing doesn't ship soon. At least I know I'm in good company with y'all. The keyboard and case are sitting on a shelf waiting for the main component to arrive.

I called Amex (yes, I am insane) and they said I have a realtime charge from Apple today for $112.54 which must be my AppleCare plus shipping. My order status also now shows my Applecare as complete where as of yesterday it showed up under Not Yet Shipped.

They don't charge for the AppleCare until they send the product, right? I ordered March 12th and have not been charged for it until today.

I have american express and pre-ordered back in March. I also got expedited delivery and my credit card was charged for it. However, i believe this expedited shipping is for my applecare for the ipad3g, not the ipad itself. Does everyone who had the expedited shipping charge, also buy apple care?

I'm glad pre-ordered on the first day. Looks like those who did will be getting their 3G iPads by late April as promised. I'm gals I waited for the 3G model. I think those who rushed to get the WiFi only version will be kicking themselves. Not having to be lock into a contract did it for me. I've been downloading iPad apps like mad. Can't wait for the UPS guy to show up!

As of this morning, no charges on credit card and no change of status on order. It still says "Not Shipped" instead of the "prepared for shipment" or some such that I had hoped for. AND, my order was placed and confirmed within five minutes of the online store accepting orders.

I was charged on my credit card on 4/19 for 780.03, the total cost of my ipad. I think its on the way…YES!

I just found a charge on my Discover card for the amount of an iPad 3G 64 gig. Could it be that the April 30th date was a smokescreen? Could it be that it still won't ship until next week? I'll have a complete nervous breakdown waiting for this thing.
Mr. Jobs: Please make sure that I'll be able to have my iPad in the loony bin I'm shipped to.

If they aren't supposed to arrive untl the 30th…why does the order status still say "late april"? I think this means they could come earlier. I got, as of this morning, a pre-auth on my card for my 3g!

Credit Card Charge Made Online, by Phone, or Mail
To:****** *************
Account: MC ****9 ending in ***9
Transaction date: 04/21/2010*
Amount: $789.15

Your credit card was used for a transaction that was made online, by phone, or mail. This means your card was not swiped in a machine for this transaction.

For up-to-date information about activity in your account, please visit Online Banking. Please call us immediately at 1.800.732.9194 if you do not recognize this transaction.

Want to confirm this email is from Bank of America? Sign in to Online Banking and select Alerts History to verify this alert.

*Transaction pending.

On the other two Items I placed at the same time as my Ipad (dock and case), they shipped those two items at different times the night my card was charged. So from that I would expect to wake up tomorrow, Thursday and see a tracking number for my ipad.

Apple charged $1 to my account two days ago and took the full amount out today. I hope this means I will get it sooner than April 30th.

This is driving me insane! I had the Wi-Fi version to test it out and loved it. Took it back and my wedding photographer was working at the store and waived the Repacking fee for me. Glad I pre-ordered the 3G version so I could (HOPEFULLY) get it before the end of the month. I saw my AMEX was hit with two $1.00 charges and then $870ish charge but it's still showing as Pending! This is driving my bonkers! Think they might ship them without telling us to catch us off guard and by surprise when we do recieve them???

All of this is completely meaningless and you all need to take a chill pill. I am as anxious as anyone else to get mine, but now that Apple has issued a release date, no matter when your device is shipped, FedEx will not deliver it before April 30th. That is their agreement with Apple. It worked exactly the same way for the Wifi model.

it is april 26 and I have a pre-authorization for the cost of my iPad WiFi+3g on my account now. Ship date has not shown up still says "late April" on apple's site. I pre-ordered my iPad on March 12. Never heard of "expedited shipping" with apple for items like this. I look forward to picking my iPad from FedEx on friday.

Wow this is driving me crazy. I still cant remember when my GF ordered my Ipad but one thing for sure, I hope Im not one of the last ones and get it till August lol. I really hope they ship them out LATE APRIL, which can be the 30th and drive down to the Apple store and pick it up or just wait for it like everyone else

It looks like it might actually be happening!!!!!!!!!!!! This morning, when I checked my order on Apple's site, I saw it now says "Prepared for Shipment."

All pre-orders before April 19th will be delivered Friday, April 30th. I verified this with Apple this morning.

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