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Why is Facebook down on 4/23/10?

facebook downWhy is Facebook down on 4/23/10?

With Facebook being, as some stats show, the site on the web with more traffic than Google even, obviously when Facebook goes down people want to know why. I’ve learned from experience, however, that when Facebook does go down, it is typically not on a large scale  – which means, Facebook down time is typically isolated to core groups of individuals, not every user on Facebook.

I wrote yesterday about Facebook going down on 4/23.

And as it is whenever I write about Facebook going down, people find the article and start leaving their feed.

Yesterday’s article was no different.

But the answer to the question – why is Facebook down on 4/23/10? – is not something that anyone knows. Facebook is made up of a massive server structure that spans the entire world. When one server goes down, whether from traffic or some other technical issue, or if the server is taken down for maintenance, then users more than likely will be affected.

In fact, the common result when people say that Facebook is down is that people are not able to login to Facebook.

Another common error message that people can receive is Facebook is down for maintenance.

However, when users see this error message, there is much reason for asking “why” – because the error message itself explains it – it was down for maintenance.

What do you think?

So are you currently experiencing Facebook login issues or do you see the “Facebook is down” error message?

Did you have that problem yesterday?

Let us know what you experienced, and if your Facebook is back up?

31 replies on “Why is Facebook down on 4/23/10?”

This is a really bizarre article–Facebook may have been down but I think this article is purely written because it's a Google hot topic….it makes no sense at all because you keep repeating the key words over and over. Oh, it's SEO. Right. But its also just a waste of time clicking on an article that tells us NOTHING. Why don't you write an article that informs us of something that's interesting and not full of key words?

Hi Lucy – sometimes people just need a platform, or a sounding board to share their thoughts – much like you just did, and I appreciate you taking the time to comment.

Because it's the end times. Sheesh it's a website. If you can't cope without it for a day then you are truly lost.

It was down for me for about 10-15 minutes. I'm not sure whatever sole "servers" it could have effected, because my girlfriend was in Switzerland and experienced the exact same "lock out" that I did.

Well that was useless.

I can't access Facebook today, no "Under Maintenance, please check back later", just "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage". I've tried other browers, just in case FB had a weird Apple-esque where they block random browsers. But no, it's unavailable. Which is pathetic, a company this size, having an "Under Maintenance" message show up would be much more considerate.

Having to search out other users and see what's the common causes of Facebook going down is rather annoying.

And Robert? Lucy was right. This is indeed a waste of a page. Facebook won't look at these comments, the page has no information.. Then saying 'if a message says under maintenance, then Facebook is under going maintenance'. Yea, no kidding. Too bad there's no message at all.

I get a warning not to enter my password on any site unless its no other error and I cannot connect via any cached links or emails today Mon 04th May 2010 I am in Chicago my friend is in Canada and cannot connect either..Odd!

When I try to login I get the error “Service Unavailable – DNS Failure” and it further says that the server is temporarily unavailable to service your request- please try again later. I was getting this same error yesterday.

i’m the same as Lara. This is the message I just got:

“Service Unavailable – DNS failure
The server is temporarily unable to service your request. Please try again later.

Reference #11.711f418.1285274977.22f53cb9”

When I log in it tells me the server is unavailable- DNS failure. This is getting annoying since I had things on games that I was excited about doing when I got home form school! Why do they decide to do this the day I don’t have homework….

this article is from 4-23. he says facebook is down and other words like maintenance like a gazillion times on top of that this article says absolutely nothing. hes just trying to get hits.

I try to login but it says …
* It appears you are connected to the Internet, but you might want to try to reconnect to the Internet.
* Retype the address.

FB is down for me today for the past hour. When I ping it it comes back @ 250~280 milsecs.
Ping Yahoo and I get @100ms

My Facebook ping just now came in at 150~170 msec. So I browsed to it and it came in rather quickly, but my homepage says no posts and newsfeeds are available.

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