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Google plans on lauching it’s own digital book service

google logoGoogle plans on launching it’s own digital book service.

Google plans on launching it’s own digital book service.
According to the Wall Street Journal Google is planning on getting to get in to the E-book business. By launching a new service called “Google Editions” which is supposed to go live in June or July. Google Editions is going to be different from the Amazon Kindle & the Apple iPad, in a sense that it won’t be connected to a proprietary hardware & software. Google Editions will be a book searching service that will allow users to buy digital books as well as books from retailers & independent retailers. Google Editions will be giving its partners a part of the revenue. At the moment Google is still figuring out if the publishers will set the price of the books or if Google will set the price. Books bought through Google Editions will be able to be read from any web browser from any e-reader. The article did mention that Google could create software that would allow books to be read on the iPhone or iPad.

Source: Wall Street Journal

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