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Tagwhat comes to Android & iPhone

Colorado-based company Tagwhat has launched their new augmented reality applications for Android & iPhone.

Tagwhat allows users to show their location information and input tips and information about their locations. Tagwhat also allow users to use their camera to see what other users have posted about that location.

The application also allows people to comment on each other comments. In the press release the company states that the application could be used retail, real estate, education & information etc.

Take a look at the video below to get a better idea of what Tagwhat does:

Channel and advertising potential for the Tagwhat network is virtually endless for retail, real estate, education and information, entertainment, premium gaming, applications related to the emerging Internet of Things, as well as many other fields. Shops can deliver special deals to nearby customers; universities can offer tours and educational information to visitors and students; application developers can create and market innovative AR-enabled social games.- Quote from Press Release

Source: Tagwhat press release

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