Google Shares (NASDAQ:GOOG) Sink To Below $500

google stock pricesGoogle Shares (NASDAQ:GOOG) Sink To Below $500

Despite Google turning in impressive financial numbers and generating massive amounts of web traffic for itself, and for millions of other sites on the web, Google shares are clearly not exempt from the over all market declines that have plagued Wall Street since yesterday. Shares of Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) sank to a sub $500 level today (Friday).

This was the first time Google shares were below $500 since October of last year. Shares of Google, which traded at well over $600 as recently as January, fell as low as $481.33 on Friday, before recovering slightly to $492.95. Google shares have fallen roughly 20% in the year to date, while the Nasdaq Composite Index has clung to a roughly 3% gain over the same period.


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