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Atkins Diet: New for a New You

Atkins Diet: New for a New You

For some of us it might be a little late to try to shrink down into a new swim suit for the Summer season.  But swim suits and Summer are not the only “good” reasons for taking care of that excess flab from the Winter Dunlap disease (done-lap over the belt).

About two years ago my wife told me that I was going to join her on a low carb diet.  I balked at having to starve  on warm water and rice cakes (my interpretation of a low carb diet). “What am I gonna eat?” I protested.   Well, to my surprise the low carb diet was rather enjoyable.  I ended up being able to eat a bunch of stuff that I would never have believed was on any diet… let alone a “low carb” diet.

Because I was cutting out all those extra carbs I was able to lower my blood sugar, yet still retain energy… and the best part (in my eyes)…. I lost weight.  I began to feel better.

I found out that if I just cut out breads (or most of them), and lowering my desert intake… I began to look and feel good.  After I had been on the diet for a month or so, I was able to splurge once a week and eat my “gravy and biscuit” from Bojangles.

The problem with most diets is that we are over consumed with counting calories and fat, when in reality – cutting carbs goes a long way in taking care of them for us.  If I looked at a Healthy Choice or Lean Cuisine or Smart Ones meal in the frozen meals  section of Wal-Mart, I never looked at calories or fat.  I always looked at the carbs and ate those meals around 20 carbs or less.

Now, if you have been considering going on a diet (even if its to look good in a swim suit by mid to late Summer) you might want to consider the “New Atkins Diet” which promotes a “New You”.

Check out: If this low carb diet sounds good to you, check with your doctor about your particular needs.  If he says your medical conditions won’t be aggravated further, then go for it.

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