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Hollywood Cookie Diet -The Cookie Diet

Hollywood Cookie Diet – The Cookie Diet

At last count – I’ve found 40 diets that are currently promising to help us get into the tiniest bathing suits and skimpiest clothing.   They literally range form A (The Atkins Diet) to Z (The Zone Diet).

Here are just a few:

Atkins Diet,  Belly Fat Cure (Now, even fat is a disease),  Cabbage Soup Diet (Don’t see too many skinny Cabbage Patch dolls),  Eat More Weigh Less (Now, that sounds interesting),  Flexitarian Diet (Excuse me.  What is a Flexitarian?), Hallelujah Diet (Either for the Pentecostal folks, or all those Baptist Fellowships), Instinct Diet (I grew up with three brothers.  My instinct was “survival of the fittest” or do without.), Lemonade Diet (for all the little tarts), Martha’s Vineyard Diet Detox (a diet for the Kennedy’s – no doubt) …and on, and on they go… all the way to “The Zone Diet” and that is about where I “Zone” out.

Isn’t it amazing how, to promote most diets, they focus on the Barbie Doll and Ken figures, and then (as if it were an after thought) they say, “Oh! and it’s good for you, too!”  That’s because it’s all about “image” and “sensuality” and not so much about the healthiness of your life.  (Don’t let this come as a shock to you, but “sensuality” sells!)

Well, in reading my emails – which usually consists of miracle cures that will better my “sensuality” – give me 5 to 15 million USD if I help them get it out of their war torn country in which a relative of mine passed away (if I just give them certain pertinent information such as my bank account number) – or help some lonely house wife who just happens to live in my neighborhood (or Russia) – I found an email for a diet that, according to the email, “Is sweeping America.”

The Hollywood Cookie Diet (or in some areas) The Cookie Diet.

The website claims that over 4 million cookies have been eaten (probably by the “Cookie Monster”).  It purports to be “Featured in major health and lifestyle magazines”…. and, if you hurry, they will “ship it all to you for free.”

If you’ve tried other diet plans and they’ve failed to make you look like a Victoria Secret model – or – as if you just stepped out of GQ magazine, then you might want to check this one out.  Their website is:

It sounds a little far fetched to me, but if I found out that they offered Oatmeal Raisin Cookies, I might just place an order to have a bag of cookies around. (If they do, the ad might just soon say, “Over Eight Million Cookies Sold”..)

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