2010 NBA Draft Order, 2010 NBA Draft Lottery Finalizes the Order

nba draft lottery 2010 draft order2010 NBA Draft Order, 2010 NBA Draft Lottery Finalizes the Order

After the 2010 NBA Draft Lottery last night, the 2010 NBA Draft order has been established. And of course, surrounding the 2010 NBA Draft is the discussion as to where will LeBron James go? The biggest story line of the 2010 NBA Draft follwing Lebron James is that he will be heading to the New York Knicks. No matter where Lebron goes during the 2010 NBA Draft, I’m sure it will be for a ridiculous amount of money!

The Washington Wizards get the first pick in the 2010 NBA Draft order followed by the Philadelphia 76’ers and coming in third is the New Jersey Nets.

The remaining 2010 NBA Draft order will follow the 2009 – 2010 NBA regular season record. This is where the NBA Draft gets interesting as a number of trades will start to emerge across the NBA teams.

Already, a number a draft picks have been traded even prior to the 2010 NBA Draft Lottery that took place last night. And those trades that have already been made are accounted for in the 2010 NBA first round draft order below:

Current 2010 NBA Draft Order (5/18/2010)

1. Washington
2. Philadelphia
3. New Jersey
4. Minnesota
5. Sacramento
6. Golden State
7. Detroit
8. L.A. Clippers
9. Utah
10. Indiana
11. New Orleans
12. Memphis
13. Toronto
14. Houston
15. Milwaukee
16. Minnesota
17. Chicago
18. Miami
19. Boston
20. San Antonio
21. Oklahoma City
22. Portland
23. Minnesota
24. Atlanta
25. Memphis
26. Oklahoma City
27. New Jersey
28. Memphis
29. Orlando
30. Washington

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Seriously you mean to tell me that the worst team in history can't get the 1st pick?Woooooow the Wizards????I demand a do-over!!!!!!ASAP!!!!!!!

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