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Paul Pierce Twitter, “Anybody got a broom?”, Twitter Hack

Paul Pierce Twitter, “Anybody got a broom?”, Twitter Hack

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The Boston Celtics took a 2-0 lead in the Eastern Conference Finals last night against the Orlando Magic. Although this is only game 2, with a lot more basketball to be played, some people might be thinking that the Orlando Magic could possibly get swept by the Boston Celtics.

And this theory might even be reinforced by the fact that the Boston Celtics are 32-0 in the playoffs – pretty strong numbers indeed.

Apparently that’s what Paul Pierce, Boston Celtics super star player, was thinking as well when the following tweet emerged from his Twitter profile:

“Anybody got a BROOM?”

That tweet came directly from PaulPierce34the “verified” Twitter profile of the Boston Celtics player.

But there’s only one problem with this tweet – based on the time stamp of the message, Paul Pierce was actually talking with reports when that tweet was posted. So what happened? Did Paul Pierce’s Twitter profile get hacked?

There is no question about the authenticity of Paul Pierce’s Twitter profile. His account has the official “Verified” Twitter logo that comes directly from Twitter, and is common for high profile Twitter accounts.

The “Anybody got a BROOM?” comment sent the media into a frenzy and the tweet even made it’s way into an interview with Orlando Magic star Dwight Howard. When asked about what he (Dwight Howard) thought about Paul Pierce’s tweet, Howard said, “Pride come before a fall.”

Paul Pierce’s representatives are now stating that without question, the Twitter account has been hacked and that Paul Pierce did not send out that message.

And of course, if you visit Paul Pierce’s Twitter profile now, you won’t find the update because obviously he deleted it.

According to Pro Basketball Talk, Paul Pierce’s Twitter updates mostly come from the web or via SMS (text messages from a mobile phone). However, the “anybody got a BROOM?” tweet was generated through the twitterific platform.

And as I mentioned earlier, support for the Paul Pierce Twitter hack theory is that other people saw Paul Pierce talking with reporters at the time of the “anybody got a BROOM?” update.

Here’s what some of the supporting tweets said about Paul Pierce:

“RT @taramanis @athleteint I saw [Paul Pierce] talking to other reporters when these were sent… no cell in hand.”

What do you think?

Do you think that Paul Pierce would actually say something like this through his Twitter profile?

Do you think that Paul Pierce’s Twitter account has been hacked?

And finally, will the Boston Celtics sweep the Orlando Magic in the Eastern Conference Finals?

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