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iPad & iPad 3G, International Launch on Friday

iPad & iPad 3G, International Launch on Friday

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The delayed international launch of the iPad and iPad 3G is about to come to an end for the global community. On Friday, May 28th, Apple will officially launch the iPad to the international community.

iPad Supply Shortages

Here in the United States, Apple has been struggling to keep up with demand for the new iPad and iPad 3G. For new customers wanting an iPad here in the US, they more than likely will have to add their name to waiting list upon which they will receive a call from the Apple retailer once their iPad arrives.

These supply issues are more than likely going to be compounded when Apple releases the iPad on Friday. The international community has bee eager to get their hands on the new iPad tablet device, and more than likely the demand is going to soar come Friday.

News and magazines holding back on iPad apps

The international community of newspapers and magazines have an advantage that their US counterparts didn’t – they’ve been able to watch how their iPad apps have performed. And from initial reports, the international content providers are not terribly impressed.

Publications such as The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times had iPad apps in place when the iPad launched here in the US.

The International community of publications have been able to observe the popularity of these iPad apps and gain insight into consumer response.

From what I’ve read, the international community of publishers are not going to be rushing in to make apps for the iPad, at least until they are able to get a better understanding of what iPad users prefer.

It will be interesting come this weekend to hear how the iPad supply problem is unfolding in the international community.

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