HTC EVO 4G & Sprint’s Updated 4G Coverage Cities (4G Areas)

HTC EVO 4G & Sprint’s Updated 4G Coverage Cities (4G Areas)

First let me update you with the absolute latest on Sprint’s 4G coverage areas / 4G coverage cities, directly from their website .

There is a lot of speculation about the current and future expansion of Sprint’s 4G coverage, so hopefully this will help. And there are sure to be comments below with cities that are due to get 4G coverage, but aren’t yet listed.

So here ya’ go – Sprints updated 4G coverage listings:

So there you go, that’s the absolute latest updates from the Sprint website regarding 4G coverage and cities.

It seems to me that Sprint is rolling out 4G coverage to smaller metro areas in order to test out 4G speed and stability before opening up to major metro areas like New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. However, Chicago is already on board with 4G coverage as well as the entire island of Oahu, Hawaii – so I’m not entire sold on the “testing” theory in smaller markets.

And from the price quotes I’ve gotten from Sprint retailers, the $10 extra per month for 4G coverage is nominal, even if you aren’t currently in a 4G coverage area, compared to regular pricing with carriers such as AT&T.