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Fries Sprinkled with Cleaner Sickens 7

Fries Sprinkled with Cleaner Sickens 7.

Seven people, six restaurant employees and one customer, were sickened when a cleaner used to clean fry vats was mistaken for kosher salt.  (A mistake that I do not understand, because fry vat cleaner is a fine white power, not granules.)

The individuals began to complain about a hot sensation in their mouths after consuming the cleaner laced french fries. The employees immediately called 911 and the EMT’s responded to the emergency.

The restaurant, Ted’s Montana Grill, is located in Cobb County, Georgia.

It could have been a situation in which an employee did not completely flush the vats after cleaning them, and some residue of the powder became mixed with the oil.  It won’t kill you unless you eat it out of the box in large amounts, but it will make you fell ill.

Ted Turner and restaurateur George McKarrow, Jr., founder of Longhorn Steakhouse, launched Ted’s Montana Grill (TMG) in January of 2002, an upscale Montana-style bar and grill specializing in bison  TMG offers comfort food and introduces consumers to the many health benefits of eating bison.  The first TMG opened in Columbus, Ohio, and there are currently more than 55 restaurants in 19 states.

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