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2010 ESPN World Cup Schedule, Mexico vs South Africa

2010 ESPN World Cup Schedule, Mexico vs South Africa

espn 2010 world cup schedule

Coming up first in the 2010 World Cup is Mexico vs South Africa. This showdown is already getting a lot of attention and conversation on the web, especially with the host company being on the field during for the opening game. South Africa has quickly become the center of attention throughout the world, and all eyes will be on this country for the next month or so.

For complete coverage of the 2010 World Cup, the best source to stay plugged into is ESPN.

Here’s an excerpt from the ESPN Media Zone site:

ESPN will present comprehensive coverage of the 2010 FIFA World Cup June 11, through July 11, from 10 stadiums in nine cities across South Africa.  All 64 matches will be aired live and in high definition on ESPN, ESPN2 and ABC, and extensive coverage on and ESPN Mobile TV.  In addition, 2010 FIFA World Cup studio programs, including prematch, halftime and postmatch segments, will be presented in high definition.

ESPN will air 44 FIFA World Cup matches from South Africa – the most ever for the network in one tournament.  ESPN2 will feature 10 matches.  ABC will broadcast 10, beginning with the U.S. Men’s National Team’s tournament opener vs. England on Saturday, June 12, at 2 p.m. ET in Rustenburg.  The tournament will conclude on ABC with the title match Sunday, July 11, at 1:30 p.m. ET from the Soccer City Stadium in Johannesburg.

Here’s the ESPN 2010 World Cup Schedule:

DateTime (ET)NetworkMatchGroupSiteMatch #
Fri 6/119:30 a.m.ESPN/ESPN360.comSouth Africa vs. MexicoAJohannesburg1
2 p.m.ESPN/ESPN360.comUruguay vs. FranceACape Town2
Sat 6/127 a.m.ESPN/ESPN360.comKorea Republic vs. GreeceBPort Elizabeth3
9:30 a.m.ESPN/ESPN360.comArgentina vs. NigeriaBJohannesburg4
2 p.m.ABCEngland vs. USACRustenburg5
Sun 6/137 a.m.ESPN/ESPN360.comAlgeria vs. SloveniaCPolokwane6
9:30 a.m.ESPN/ESPN360.comSerbia vs. GhanaDPretoria7
2 p.m.ABCGermany vs. AustraliaDDurban8
Mon 6/147 a.m.ESPN/ESPN360.comNetherlands vs. DenmarkEJohannesburg9
9:30 a.m.ESPN/ESPN360.comJapan vs. CameroonEBloemfontein10
2 p.m.ESPN/ESPN360.comItaly vs. ParaguayFCape Town11
Tue 6/157 a.m.ESPN/ESPN360.comNew Zealand vs. SlovakiaFRustenburg12
9:30 a.m.ESPN/ESPN360.comIvory Coast vs. PortugalGPort Elizabeth13
2 p.m.ESPN/ESPN360.comBrazil vs. Korea DPRGJohannesburg14
Wed 6/167 a.m.ESPN/ESPN360.comHonduras vs. ChileHNelspruit15
9:30 a.m.ESPN/ESPN360.comSpain vs. SwitzerlandHDurban16
2 p.m.ESPN/ESPN360.comSouth Africa vs. UruguayAPretoria17
Thu 6/177 a.m.ESPN/ESPN360.comArgentina vs. Korea Rep.BJohannesburg18
9:30 a.m.ESPN/ESPN360.comGreece vs. Nigeria BBloemfontein19
2 p.m.ESPN2/ESPN360.comFrance vs. MexicoAPolokwane20
Fri 6/187 a.m.ESPN/ESPN360.comGermany vs. SerbiaDPort Elizabeth21
9:30 a.m.ESPN/ESPN360.comSlovenia vs. USACJohannesburg22
2 p.m.ESPN2/ESPN360.comEngland vs. AlgeriaCCape Town23
Sat 6/197 a.m.ESPN/ESPN360.comNetherlands vs. JapanEDurban24
9:30 a.m.ESPN/ESPN360.comGhana vs. AustraliaDRustenburg25
2 p.m.ABCCameroon vs. DenmarkEPretoria26
Sun 6/207 a.m.ESPN/ESPN360.comSlovakia vs. ParaguayFBloemfontein27
9:30 a.m.ESPN/ESPN360.comItaly vs. New ZealandFNelspruit28
2 p.m.ABCBrazil vs. Ivory CoastGJohannesburg29
Mon 6/217 a.m.ESPN/ESPN360.comPortugal vs. Korea DPRGCape Town30
9:30 a.m.ESPN/ESPN360.comChile vs. SwitzerlandHPort Elizabeth31
2 p.m.ESPN/ESPN360.comSpain vs. HondurasHJohannesburg32
Tue 6/229:30 a.m.ESPN/ESPN360.comMexico vs. UruguayARustenburg33
9:30 a.m.ESPN2/ESPN360.comFrance vs. South AfricaABloemfontein34
2 p.m.ESPN2/ESPN360.comNigeria vs. Korea RepublicBDurban35
2 p.m.ESPN/ESPN360.comGreece vs. ArgentinaBPolokwane36
Wed 6/239:30 a.m.ESPN2/ESPN360.comSlovenia vs. EnglandCPort Elizabeth37
9:30 a.m.ESPN/ESPN360.comUSA vs. AlgeriaCPretoria38
2 p.m.ESPN/ESPN360.comGhana vs. GermanyDJohannesburg39
2 p.m.ESPN2/ESPN360.comAustralia vs. SerbiaDNelspruit40
Thu 6/249:30 a.m.ESPN/ESPN360.comSlovakia vs. ItalyEJohannesburg41
9:30 a.m.ESPN2/ESPN360.comParaguay vs. New ZealandEPolokwane42
2 p.m.ESPN/ESPN360.comDenmark vs. JapanFRustenburg43
2 p.m.ESPN2/ESPN360.comCameroon vs. NetherlandsFCape Town44
Fri 6/259:30 a.m.ESPN/ESPN360.comPortugal vs. BrazilGDurban45
9:30 a.m.ESPN2/ESPN360.comIvory Coast vs. Korea DPRGNelspruit46
2 p.m.ESPN/ESPN360.comChile vs. SpainHPretoria47
2 p.m.ESPN2/ESPN360.comSwitzerland vs. HondurasHBloemfontein48

2nd Stage – Round of 16

DateTime (ET)NetworkMatchupSiteMatch #
Sat 6/269:30 a.m.ESPN/ESPN360.com1st A vs. 2nd BPort Elizabeth49
2 p.m.ABC1st C vs. 2nd DRustenburg50
Sun 6/279:30 a.m.ESPN/ESPN360.com1st D vs. 2nd CBloemfontein51
2 p.m.ABC1st B vs. 2nd AJohannesburg52
Mon 6/289:30 a.m.ESPN/ESPN360.com1st E vs. 2nd FDurban53
2 p.m.ESPN/ESPN360.com1st G vs. 2nd HJohannesburg54
Tue 6/299:30 a.m.ESPN/ESPN360.com1st F vs. 2nd EPretoria55
2 p.m.ESPN/ESPN360.com1st H vs. 2nd GCape Town56

2nd Stage — Quarterfinals

DateTime (ET)NetworkMatchupSiteMatch #
Fri 7/29:30 a.m.ESPN/ESPN360.comWinners 53 vs. 54APort Elizabeth57
2 p.m.ESPN/ESPN360.comWinners 49 vs. 50BJohannesburg58
Sat 7/39:30 a.m.ABCWinners 52 vs. 51CCape Town59
2 p.m.ABCWinners 55 vs. 56DJohannesburg60

2nd Stage — Semifinals

DateTime (ET)NetworkMatchupSiteMatch #
Tue 7/62 p.m.ESPN/ESPN360.comWinners A vs. CCape Town61
Wed 7/72 p.m.ESPN/ESPN360.comWinners B vs. DDurban62

Third Place Match

Sat 7/102 p.m.ABCLosers – 61 vs. 62Port Elizabeth63

2010 FIFA World Cup Title Match

Sun 7/111:30 p.m.ABCWinners – 61 vs. 62Johannesburg64

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