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iPhone 4 Pre Order, How To, How Much (iPhone 4 Help)

iPhone 4 Pre Orders, How To, How Much (iPhone 4 Help)

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** UPDATE Juner 14th – Get a more detailed article on how to pre order iPhone 4.

As you probably already know, Apple has announced the new iPhone called iPhone 4. Actually, I’m very glad that Apple didn’t come out with a name like iPhone 4G, or something like that because that… well… would have been very misleading since the iPhone 4 is only running on 3G mobile web speed.

Nonetheless, the iPhone 4 is without a doubt the best iPhone to day because:

  1. Larger screen
  2. HD capable video recording
  3. Zoom capable video recording
  4. Multi tasking (once new OS 4 arrives)
  5. 2 way video chatting

So the big questions have been – up to now – how do I get this new iPhone 4, how do I pre-order, how much is the new iPhone 4?

How do I pre order the iPhone 4?

The best, and more than the likely the only, way to pre-order your new iPhone 4 is directly from the Apple Store.

Visit the Apple Store here to pre order your iPhone 4.

Pre ordering begins on June 15th – that is next Tuesday (about 4 days from now).

If you visit the Apple Store right now, of course you don’t even see mention of the iPhone 4. But on Tuesday morning, more than like the Apple Store web page will be down and you’ll see a message that says something like “down for maintenance or updating”.

And then, out of nowhere, the Apple Store will come back online and you’ll see the big promotion for the iPhone 4, links to pre order, videos, the whole 9 yards.

That’s how I’m predicting it to go down anyway.

How do I purchase / how do I get the iPhone 4?

If you aren’t up to pre-ordering the iPhone 4 on Tuesday, June 15th, then you can always wait about a week and half until June 24th when the iPhone 4 will be available for purchase.

Now I don’t exactly if the iPhone 4 will be in AT&T stores on June 24th, or if it will only be in the Apple Store online.

My guess is that on June 24th, the iPhone 4 will in AT&T stores.

I noticed that AT&T’s website is already promoting the iPhone 4 saying that “the iPhone 4 is coming soon”.

You can even subscribe via email to get iPhone 4 updates and I’m assuming you’ll get notified by AT&T when the iPhone 4 is actually in stores.

How much for the new iPhone 4?

And last, but certainly not least – how much will the new iPhone 4 cost?

The pricing for the new iPhone 4 is pretty straight forward:

$199 for the 16GB model

$299 for the 32GB model

And as a bonus note:

If you are interested in receiving iPhone 4 updates from Apple directly, you can subscribe via email on Apple’s official iPhone 4 web page:

GetĀ iPhone 4 updates from Apple via email here.

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Actually you have not done much research at all. If you had spoken to an AT&T sales rep you would know that the iPhone 4 will be available for pre-order on June 15th in most AT&T stores. Also, please proof read before publishing an article.

Hi Greg – there isn't really that much research to do. The dates, pricing, etc.. is pretty simple.

The point of the article is to provide people (the millions of people) who are searching for this information, a one stop shop to get everything they need regarding the iPhone 4 – at least as far as the pre ordering, purchasing, and pricing goes.

But thanks for visiting and commenting

Greg, Scott, Bryan – You guys sound so bitter and petty. Maybe double your prozac dose? The article successfully gave a general run-down on when and where the IPhone 4 is available. Nothing fancy. It helped me.

this guy has know idea what hes talking about. idiot. if he had done 10 seconds of research he would know bestbuy, radioshack are taking preorders and wall mart is also gonna carry on launch date, and the grammar errors, this dumbass is just trying to make money from ads.

Kevin you are talking crap about his grammar, well what about yours. " this guy has KNOW idea."?? its no not know. Also you spelled Walmart wrong as well. You better check yourself before you talk crap.

Quite frankly Kevin — I think you're the dumbass —- why don't you learn how to spell Walmart before you start posting your stupid a*s shit online. Go triple up on your prozac …. LOSER!!!

Why don't you all suck my long hairy cock, and eat the peanuts out of my shit? John, I think you should bend over and take Kevin's hot beef injection like a man. Greg, try spending less of your time attacking other people on Internet forums, and more time "researching" how to get laid. Bryan, he may have been missing a verb, but you are missing a tampon up your cooter. Scott, try proofreading your boner-biting dick-fart f**k face. You guys will all be using "FaceTime" to give each other facials as you jizz onto your new iPhone 4 "retina display" screens. All of you = EPIC FAIL!!!

I stumbled upon this pointless webpage in my searches for an exact cost to pre order an iphone 4 this morning. The comments were worth the read, for sure. Its nice to see that when people grow up they quit fighting online about which videogame console is best and switch to doing the same thing about phones.

To every ignorant “know it all” that has posted a comment:

Stop fighting about grammatical errors and don’t waste your time and other peoples’ time by posting smart and immature grammatical corrections. Is that what this article is for? No, it’s not. It is information for the releasing of the iPhone 4. iPhone 4 will be available for pre-orders on Tuesday June 15th in Best Buy Stores, AT&T Stores, Radio shack Stores, and Apple Stores. Release date for purchase will be on June 24th in all listed retail stores. Pricing will be as follows: $199 16GB Model, $299 32GB Model, and an 8GB Model of the 3GS will be released on the same date as well for $99. If you are eligible for an upgrade ANY time in the year of 2010 AT&T is making a very generous offer: You will get the $199/$299 upgrade price depending on whichever model you get. However; if you are not eligible for an upgrade in the year of 2010, but you have had your current phone for at least 6 months, then you will get the $399/$499 “early” upgrade price also depending on which model you purchase. Lastly, if are neither eligible for an upgrade in 2010, nor have had your current phone for at least 6 months your price for the iPhone 4 will be $599/$699 (the “no upgrade” price). Hope I helped!

Jordan Smith
(AT&T Store Manager)

You would get two words of that out before I twisted your tiny prick off and jammed it down your diseased throat!

Wow. I agree with Jordan. you grammar educators need to post these comments where needed. You didn’t answer any of these questions and just made complete fools of yourselves. Hence your reasoning for putting a fake name. I sure hope you people are pretty young, because being the idiots you are need to grow up. Now if you’re young, you shouldn’t be talking like that! Do you kiss your mama with that mouth? Put a bar of soap in that good for nothing hole in your face! Two words for you who just wasted unvaluable space on this page: GROW UP!

The basics are covered in the article… But on when this article was published (June 11), all the information had already been released! There shouldn't have been a need for speculation on iPhone 4 info, as all of the information was already online and waiting to be turned into knowledge.

I do appreciate the basics of the article even though there are a few spelling and grammatical errors. But that is neither here nor there. The point of the article was to inform. Task accomplished.

I would also like to add that the iPhone 4 pricing mentioned is also with a 2-year contract and existing iPhone users whose contract ends anytime in 2010 can get a discount on the iPhone 4 price (what the discount is, I'm not sure). Pre-order can be accomplished online through AT&T and Apple (I think?) or in AT&T stores on the 15th of June. Hard release is set for June 24th.

It is also noted that, if someone wants to buy the iPhone without signing a contract with AT&T, the prices will look like this:

-$599 for the 16GB version
-$699 for the 32GB version

Hope that clears some stuff up for those still wondering.

Oh, and the screen is the same size as all previous iPhones. The difference is that the iPhone 4 boasts the new "Retina Display," which houses 326 pixels per inch (the limit of human eyes in 300 pixels per inch[as stated by Steve Jobs in the iPhone 4 keynote]).

Also, the iPhone 4 boasts tap to focus photo/video, LED flash, front and rear-facing cameras, the new gyroscope sensor, and, as stated, multi-tasking. Looking forward to this version of iPhone.

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