Sailor Abby Sunderland Alive and Well

16 year old Californian sailor Abby Sunderland who was on a quest to sail around the world went missing about 24 hours ago, but she is alive and well thanks to a chartered airbus search plane. She had been feared lost out to see when a distress signal came through after a mast on her ship broke. The broken mast disabled her GPS communication device for her ship and everyone feared the worst as she was stranded in the middle of the Indian Ocean thousands of miles away from land or civilization. It will take rescue boats abby sunderland 2009 8 18 19 40 6about 24-40 hours to reach her, so she should be in good hands some time on Saturday. Strangely enough her older brother 17 year-old Zac didn’t seem too distraught. He said “She’s got all the skills to take care of what she has to take care of, she also has all of the equipment.” The two questions that remain are; Will Abby Sunderland return to the open sea to finish her quest to sail around the world? and Should there be some type of regulation against such young children attempting such incredible feats?

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