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iPhone 4 – Will AT&T New Data Plan Hurt iPhone 4 Sales?

iPhone 4 – Will AT&T News Data Plan Hurt iPhone 4 Sales?

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On June 2nd, AT&T introduced a new data plan for their iPhone customers. The plan didn’t really enhance anything like one might expect, in fact, it took a step backwards from the unlimited data package for $30 per month.

AT&T’s stated intention with the new “limited” data packages is to allow more customers to experience 3G data speed. Their logic is that at $30 per month, a lot of customers are being left out of the mobile data market because of affordability.

The New AT&T Data Package Offerings

So what are these new data packages from AT&T going to look like:

DataPlus. Provides 200 megabytes (MB) of data – for example, enough to send/receive 1,000 emails (no attachments), plus send/receive 150 emails with attachments, plus view 400 Web pages, plus post 50 photos on social media sites, plus watch 20 minutes of streaming video – for just $15 per month.

DataPro. Provides 2 gigabytes (GB) of data – for example, enough to send/receive 10,000 emails (no attachments), plus send/receive 1,500 emails with attachments, plus view 4,000 Web pages, plus post 500 photos to social media sites, plus watch 200 minutes of streaming video – for $25 per month.

Tethering. Smartphone customers – including iPhone customers – who choose the DataPro plan have the option to add tethering for an additional $20 per month.

The Impact of the “Limited” data packages

I can’t help but wonder if AT&T isn’t actually hurting themselves with this new strategy.

The reason I think that AT&T might be hurting themselves, and actually the overall sales of the new iPhone 4 is because there is something psychologically pleasing about having an unlimited data package.

When data packages are not unlimited, a certain freedom (or worry, or concern) is removed that is associated with data packages that are not unlimited.

And with AT&T cutting out their unlimited data plans, I’m of the opinion that one who will suffer the most will be Apple and the sales of their new iphone 4.

What do you think?

Was it a good idea for AT&T to cut out it’s unlimited data plan?

Will AT&T be hurt (or helped) with their new data plans?

And finally, will Apple’s new iPhone 4 be effected by AT&T’s new data plan?

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yes, i have consistently fallen below 200 megs for the past 6 months and feel like i am finally getting a break on my phone bill

The thing to keep in mind is that you may not use a lot of memory per month on the 3G or 3GS but the new iPhone 4 has more to offer that can easily use up a lot of memory, for example: NetFlix (which understandably most people will be on wifi. But what if you’re not? What if you’re in your car waiting for someone, something, or on a road trip and want to kck back and watch a movie?), Video Conferencing! How much memory will that take up? Because that is definitely not using your anytime minutes! Those are only two seperate uses that can easily go over 2 GB per month, now tack-on YouTube, Web Browsing, Apps that access the internet, the new iAds, that will definitely be on free apps that will also take up quite a bit of memory. And in regards to AT&T’s “reasoning” for their limited media package is not to make it more affordable for customers who were excluded from being able to own an iPhone, but a smoke screen to charge people more money ($10/ 1 GB you go over your plan per month). They want to try and make a positive spin on a negative thing they’re doing which is making more money off of everybody. Just like when the 3G came out they lowered the cost of the iPhone because of the parts used but AT&T capitilized on that by upping the media package cost which in the long run made way more money than a more expensive iPhone would cost. Now I know they’re a huge corporation and they just trying to make more money even through these hard times, but their poor explanation for it is deceitful for the average person who doesn’t understand what they’re doing. Ultimately I do not think this new media package will gain anymore new customer percentages than every year a new iPhone comes out. It will just be the ones who currenty have one upgrading and who have the means to cover any overages or people who will never use the iPhone every month to its full potential. Overall Apple will be effected especially since I’ve seen a lot of comparable phones recently coming out with better plans with other companies. I almost would rather stick with my current iPhone or go to another company and get another comparable SmartPhone.

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