Liddell vs Franklin, Watch UFC 115 Live Stream Online

Liddell vs Franklin, Watch UFC 115 Live Stream Online

ufc 115 live online

Tonight’s UFC 115 fight card has at the top of the card and featuring Liddell vs. Franklin in a match that is sure to please. UFC 115 is coming to you live tonight from General Motors Place in Vancouver, British Columbia. Again, the main fight tonight for UFC 115 is Chuck “The Iceman” Liddell vs Rich “Ace”Franklin.

Chuck Liddell is without a doubt one of the most notable fighters in the UFC. Liddell has been fighting in the cage long before the sport became as main stream as it is now. Rich “Ace” Franklin will be looking to make a name for himself tonight tonight as he tries to take out Liddell.

Watch UFC 115 Live Online via Pay Per View

UFC 115 will be available online to watch, but you are going to have to pay the Pay Per View fee to watch the fight.

The Pay Per View package includes an online option where you can watch the fight live, online, and in real time.

If you can’t watch the fight online, then you can always watch the fight like always by order the fight through your cable TV’s normal Pay Per View channel.

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