Bob Etheridge Video – Watch Rep. Bob Etheridge Attack Student

Bob Etheridge Video – Watch Rep. Bob Etheridge Attack Students

bob etheridge video

Has the Democratic Representative from North Carolina Bob Etheridge completely lost his mind? The video below is quite frankly unbelievable, and in my opinion a disgrace.

Representative Bob Etheridge, Democratic from North Carolina went off on a couple of college students that were making a video as Bob Etheridge was walking down the street.

As Rep. Bob Etheridge walked down the street in Washington, a couple of college kids with a video camera approached him and simply asked “do you fully support the Obama agenda?”

And then Bob Etheridge turned around, got in the face of the guy holding the camera and then it looked like he actually slapped the camera guy, along with is camera.

Then Bob Etheridge started to grab the kid, squeezing his arm and then squeezing his neck.

The two people will only identify as students and say they are “just here for a project.” In the video, the face of the student in the shot with Ethridge is blurred.

“I have a right to know who you are,” the congressman says, holding one man’s arm. The pair refuse to tell him where they are from and repeat that “all we are is students.”

This video is unbelievable – so check it out below.

And post your comments and thoughts below.

Rep. Bob Etheridge attacks kids with video camera:

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