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What Time iPhone 4 Pre Order? Some Say 4am (iPhone 4 Update)

What Time iPhone 4 Pre Order? Some Say 4am (iPhone 4 Update)

iphone 4 pre order time

The AT&T Facebook Fan Page is a pretty good source for discussion, questions, and answers about new iPhone launches. Since AT&T is the exclusive carrier for the iPhone, it really makes sense that they would have the inside scoop on everything regarding the iPhone 4.

A question that everyone is now asking about the iPhone 4 pre order is this:

What time can we pre order the iPhone 4 from the AT&T website?

So I took this question to the AT&T Facebook Fan Page and posted it. I’ve gotten a couple of responses – one guy said “learn to google”. Which is funny because I took that response as equivalent to “I really have no idea so I’ll just say something ridiculous instead”.

4am on AT&T website to pre order iPhone 4

One person said they just spoke to an AT&T store manager who said that the iPhone 4 will be available for pre order on the AT&T website at 4am.

So of course I immediately replied back with – well is that 4am EST or 4am PST.

Here’s exactly what the guy posted:

I just got off the phone with my buddy who is an at&t store manager. The iphone pre ordering will not start till 4am online and 7am in corp stores.

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I have a very good contact at the Apple store, he is the manager, and it is going to be 12 Midnight PST, or 3AM EST. Hope this helps!

why the hell do we have to wait til 12 am PST….we all know EST runs this country….this is so unfair…Iol…just a little annoyed

apparently not since apple is based out of the bay and you're online waiting for something that came out of CA. Get over it.

damn now i gotta stay up for 3 more hrs damn i gotta work at 5:30am wtf…. what u guyz suggest white or black…. i got the 3g now in black… do i want white?

ATT will probably have the pre order link before Apple – just depends on if you want to stay up all night until 4am or not

The apple site briefly said something about "we'll be back soon as we are updating" or something like that…I thought I was going to be allowed to order then…apparently not, darn it! Is it really going to be another 3 hours or so?

Guess 3 a.m. sounds like it… I’m getting the white one, I love the fact that the front is white too. Do you think they will make me ship it to my billing address? can’t wait!

not to burst your white iPhone bubble of hope, but I've read several places (including this site) that the pre-orders are only going to be for the black iPhone 4. The white one won't be available until "later this summer."

Now that really sucks! what's up with that??? Guess I'm going for the black one then, I'm not waiting any longer!

I think its only an ATT thing. I would be seriously disappointed if they only release a black one. Steve said in the keynote that they both release on the 24th. It doesn't make sense that Apple would announce both colors and then come around and release just one without saying a thing. I'm crossing my fingers. I want that white one.

Me to i will be mad but I called apple an they said why wouldnt we they predict that the black one will be out of stock before the white one does but i hope they have the white one i had a black iphone 3g for 4 months an hated it cuz it would be more smuged then the white one so im hoping they have the white if they dont im waiting til they do!

Apple's site would probably be the easiest…. it's either going to be 12:01 PDT (4:01 EDT) or 9:00 AM EDT (5:00 PDT) for the AT&T stores which open at 9:00 AM

i heard the white version will not be availiable for awhile but i dont know if i trust the stoner i talked to at the store..

I'm going to bed…then I'll order it while I eat my Cap'n Crunch in the morning. Hopefully it will not cut the roof of my mouth.

Asked at the Apple Store in Pittsburgh tonight, and was told if you order online (apple site) you will GET IT on launch day on your doorstep.

4am eastern time…I just got off the phone with an AT&T lady…she didn't even know what was going on. She had to go talk to her manager. At first she told me that it was up at 12…lol. They're so lost.

I think I'm sticking with the black. Oh, and I am definitely ordering through Apple. AH! I can't wait! BTW, the times I heard are 12am PST, 5:30am PST, and 6am PST. Too bad I'm on the east coast and have to stay up later :(

Has anyone pre-ordered with the shipping option in the past? I'm wondering how soon after the 24th you would get it if it's shipped. Also, if you opt to pick it up in the store but can't come on the 24th, do they save it for you?

Will be on your doorstep 7/24 will need to be signed for or you print a document from and leave on your door for ups to leave it.

My local at&t store told me yesterday that they won't open till 7 am EST…i'm on hold w/ apple right now…been 35 minutes…thinking of hanging up and zzzzz……

On another site, someone wrote "You can only get the discounted upgrade price if you order through AT&T; Ordering through Apple will cause you to pay full price." Please tell me this is not true!

I pre-ordered ipad 3G and it arrived my home exactly the day it was supposed to be released in stores … 3 hours earlier than stores were supposed to start the sale.

just spoke to ATT and they said that pre oder starts at 4am est online. call in to att to pre order starts at 7am est

So as someone who is a bit nervous pre ordering the phone online because I like having someone I can yell at in person if things go wrong. What can I expect tonight and upon receiving my phone when I order it on

Man if i stay up all night just to not see the white go on sale imma be pissed up in this i will raise hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anybody else having to pay a 500 dollar deposit? I was told that a couple days ago on after doing a credit check, but I haven't been able to find that page since. Hopefully I'll find out in a couple hours.

Oh and by the way, I think it's pretty funny how we've all arrived at this site like this.

What does the discounted price mean? When I asked AT&T if I could upgrade they said "i could get the discounted price, after paying and 18 dollar upgrade fee" What does this mean?

I meant not go on sale haha im so mad right now cuz i heard the white one wasnt going to be on sale until later this summer! I had the black iphone now ive been wating the white one of course they have to do this!

Either way you have to wait until it is the 15th in the Pacific Time Zone because it would not be fair if eastern could pre order while the rest of us wait.

Surly if there was any truth to the white rumors, Jobs would have announced it at the keynote, like he did with the ipad 3g not being available right away.

If you are worried about ordering through apple and the price you will have to pay. Use this tool on there site the results will be based on the 3gs and 3g but they go hand in hand if your gonna be able to upgrade and at what price.

iPhone Pricing [16GB/32GB]
• Standard Upgrade [$199/$299]
• Early Upgrade [$399/$499]
• No Contractual Oblg. [$599/$699]

When its finally available will i have to find it through the online apple store or do you think there will be a link on the iphone tab?

so i broke my iphone 3g & now i'm waiting to get the iphone 4. should i order it on at&t or apple?

anyone who lives in a condo or apartment and have ordered an iphone before, did they leave it at your door or in your mailbox?

this depends on way too many variables…your delivery driver for starters!….some will leave it, some won't…there's no law on that lol…it's the SAME as any other shipment..because it's an Iphone doesn't mean crap

I heard that if you're an existing At&T customer and NOT eligible for an upgrade, you can pay a fee of $18 and renew your contract for another 2 years, and then you can get the special upgrade price. Not sure if this is true.

You have to be eligible for an upgrade, then they make you pay $18. That's what it said when I dialed that number about a week ago.

The Apple store has a Post-It note that says “We’ll be back soon”. Not much longer then I hope.

I can't take this. I have a flight to catch in the morning and we're all waiting here while we stare at a post-it sign. At least they could have put some catchy music on…

LMAO Yes they should have im so excited i cant sleep until i order it then when the 23rd comes im gonna be up all night that night to!

The funny thing is, we're all staying up late to try and pre-order, but for what? they aren't gonna run out of pre-order! We all want to be the 1st to pre-order, which would be cool if we could get a serial # equivalent to our pre-order number…. then there'd be more reason behind it…. in any case, we're all just nuts!! hahaha

I'm pretty paranoid though, I feel like the pre-order is going to run out in like 2 minutes because of all of us crazy people! I'm staying up haha

Yup! i think that's the way we all feel…. we know they wont, but we feel they will! hahaha, time to watch some movies to pass the time, and keep hitting refresh!

Platt, if you are not eligible for an upgrade you can pay an $18 fee then you get the upgrade price ($199/$299).. and they will lock you in for another 2 year contract

I was reading DigitalPez post on up in the blog and noticed early upgrade price, so my question is that will I have to pay that price if my plans 2 year agreement ends on june 22? So should I wait to preorder until then or do it as soon as I can to get the upgrade price?

Idk but im bored waiting to preorder they should atleast let us shop for iphone 4 accesories while we wait!

i'm sure you can get it in white immediately. steve jobs announced black AND white during his iphone 4 speech.

is it true that the white one is not available for preorder yet? please please!! can someone let me know!! i dont want to stay up till 3 (or 4 am) to find out that the white one is not available!!

Gee, I wonder how many of us are going to be negating each other as we all try to sign in and pre order at once. I apologize ahead of time for possibly taking your turn…LOL

what if i dont want it shipped, are you able to pre order then go pick it up at your closest apple store? please say yes!

Anyone know if you have to have some sort of Apple website account to pre-order? Or can you purchase it as a "guest"?

I just realized that "soon" could mean 3 hours or 4 hours. I have no idea what "soon" means. Should we all agree to set a time limit? And wouldn't it be funny if Steve Jobs was watching all our posts…

i talked to an apple representative and they told me you won't be able to pre-order until 9AM EST. i have no idea though, some say 3AM. i guess we'll see.

it's so stupid to have to pay 299/300 for an "early upgrade" plus and extra 18 dollars. You would think ATT would be happy that you are signing another 2 years with them… Pisses me off.

i bet Steve Jobs is sitting in his boxers, with his Macbook Pro on his lap, eating a Twinkie, and reading all of our posts, laughing his a*s off…..while counting the dollar signs as well.

……..Blankly staring at the screen while taking another sip of coffee. We're such losers hahaha oh boy.

I'm guessing credit card.. and if you want to upgrade you better make sure your AT&T account is up to date and all paid off.. Or else they won't let you upgrade.

is it true that the white one is not available for preorder yet? please please let me know!! i dont want to wait ill 3 or 4 to find out that i cant get the white one yet

LOL! Could you imagine if hackers broke into Apple's and At&t's sites and put them offline! Talk about making the news!

I'm done. My husband is pressuring me to go to sleep because I have an early flight and my eyes are burning from staring at my TV that doubles as a screen. Good Night and Good Luck! I'll be back in 4 hours after my power nap…

from what i was told you can order at discount price with a upgrade through apple same as if you went through att

I am sure you can do this. I bought a 3GS for discounted price about 3 months ago from the apple store. Thank God i have 3 other lines eligible for discounted price iPhones!

I hope we can order it on the Apple site for the special upgrade price even if we're an existing customer. (A previous post said you weren't able to do this for the 3gs)

If ur contract expires within 2010 then u will be able to pay a small fee and renew and get the iphone 4.. otherwise u r outa luck.. i guess

Even if your contract doesn't expire until 2011 you can still upgrade to the iPhone 4. It will just be more money. $399/$499.

Lot of sources have confirmed that white Iphone 4 will not be available at launch… Who here wants White????? I can't make up my mind..

I can't make up mine either! I wish I could hold them both in my hand to decide haha this decision is so hard!

You want the black one because the scrapes wouldnt be noticble if you got a scrape on it unless you use a case then you can just get the white one idk which one to pick either HELP US WITH THE COLOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Must I get white if it is available??? if not I ain't gonna wait.. shit i am hanging on to Gen 1 iphone using Edgeeeee… can't wait even a minute more

Does anybody know if im upgrade to an excisting acccount can i still preorder off of i heard you couldnt i hope thats not the case!

just spoke to at&t….

Q. Will i be grandfathered in with my unlimited data plan?
A. Yes

Q. If i am eligible for upgrade can I pre order through apple store?
A. If you are eligible for the upgrade with at&t, you will be able to purchase it at the upgrade price through apple online.

Q. can I upgrade more than 1 phone?
A. Yes

Q. What time can I pre order?

Q. If i pre order ship to my house can I activate it at home?
A. Yes. When you receive youre phone you will have to call at&t to accept the new contract, after the phone call connect to itunes and set up youre phone.

just called them again. if i am ordering through apple (which i am doing) i can have both phones (because I have two numbers) shipped to my house to two names

Really? Useful info.. but doesn't it make more sense that it would be 3AM Eastern and 12 AM Pacific?? Ughhhh

im in chicago!! its 12:30am watching ESPN baby! So what time here is this f'n phone gonna go on sale!!????

Haa….I am doing two things at the moment..seeing d website and seeing the growing comments on this blog… d comments and …I dunno..wat time it will come..but most likely seeing d posts …its 4am EST….so…I am up..I am awake…good going guys…for all the little pieces of info…everybody is posting…

Do I have to use a credit card specifically if I were to order through or can I use my check card? This may seem like a moronic question but I just want to be completely sure about everything before I dive into this..

Now if we do it through Apple do we get charged instantaneously or not until it is shipped?

i've heard to different things, that your charged when you order, and also i've heard that your charged the day or release

yeah same here. I can handle either way but would be nice to find out sooner than later.

I heard they charge you the day they ship the iPhone. but either way people should have enough money just in case.

This iPhone 4 better be worth it to stay up i know it will be i love how the white is in the front now an it has iChat even the iPad dont have that!!!!!!!!

Why is it an advantage to buy it from the Apple store instead of ATT? (Let's just assume for a second that you can buy it from either for the same price)

This here is called dedication!!! I will be very angry if I stay up until 3AM and it's still not available! :(

Only 3 hours if its tru time! i cant wait baby its like getting a new xbox 360 in the mail! But better than that!

WHY DOES MY UPGRADE ELIGIBILITY SAY 2011?! I have the 3gs don't I get early upgrade?! Can I preorder through apple if I already have a contract with AT&T? :(

Yes. I am in the same boat and have verified this many times..Apple will ask you for some info and will charge you the early upgrade price. It just won't be the $199/$299 but rather $399/$499

If you are choosing to upgrade before your time then yes. $399 for 16GB and $499 for 32GB

That doesnt make sense to me. The last time they gave me early upgrade even though my two years wasn't up. I thought previous iPhone owners were automatically given that?

Only eligible if your upgrade was due in 2010. AT&T giving up to 6 months grace on upgrades.

Apparently its only if you are within 6 months of contract end. At least you don't have to pay full retail price. Those prices are insane!

Yea thats true but do you think they will bend the rules at all? I've been with AT&T for ages.

So have I but I read that unless your the primary account holder which pays at least $100 a month you do not get any rules bent. We can always hold on to HOPE.

UGH. I also heard the only one available for preorder is black. I want the white one… APPLE CURSE YOU!!

I want the white one too! I have a feeling it will be available through Apple pre ordering.

I hope so! It needs to match my Mac! So how much will tax and shipping be? Any estimates?

Now twitter acting

Something is technically wrong.

Thanks for noticing—we're going to fix it up and have things back to normal soon.

This is a pain constantly refreshing then finding out I missed posts because I'm seeing my last post as literally the last post.

you'll get charged the 18 dollar upgrade fee if your current 2 year contract is not yet up. Not only do you have to pay 18 dollars but the price of the iPhone goes from $199/299 all the way to $299/399.

I'm definitely due for an upgrade (2 year contract is up) but it's still telling me I need to pay the $18 upgrade fee…

I've heard one phone per house address, and like two phones per person when ordering in the store

i just called at&t again. He said since I am ordering through the apple store online than I can have a phone for each number shiped to my house (so its two in my case). They said that If i am going through at&t I can have one shipped to my house and the second person MUST go to the store. He also said that if I encounter a problem ordering on the apple site, just make sure I am using two different names.

Anybody else having to pay a 500 dollar deposit? I was told that a couple days ago on after doing a credit check, but I haven't been able to find that page since. Hopefully I'll find out in a couple hours.

I specifically called to find out when you get charged and the Apple representative said you pay when you pre-order not at the release date

Existing iPhone (first gen) customer will I be able to keep my unlimited data? if I upgrade to iPhone4? (really don't like the idea of a data cap

if u already had the unlimited plan before getting this phone then u are grandfathered

you can only keep the $30 per month plan – if you are on $20 per month- that plan will be eliminated

so am I able to then upgrade to the 30$ unlimited from the 20$ unlimited to keep the unlimited (since I'm an existing Iphone customer)?

Will Apple know were are original customers w/ those original plans…or is that ATT only who can grandfather us in?

I have been an ATT customer since April 2008 when I bought the ORIGINAL iPHONE….I have now been out of contract since April 2010…now here is the QUESTION….

Do I need to go to the APPLE or ATT site to preorder?


I am eligible for the 199.99 price correct?

You can probably go to or AT& and pre order. You have to start a whole new contract and POSSIBLY pay an upgrade fee but the price should be $199

Ok…I have to assume the will be easier…right?….this will be A SERIOUS UPGRADE…from the ORIGINAL TO THE IPHONE 4!!…

Yes. I have never pre ordered before but trust me when I say I have researched ALOT!! Apple seems to be the easiest because they can run your info, give you your price and ship your item so it will most likely be in your position the day of launch. I'm also hoping that maybe the white one will be available through Apple.
This will be a nice improvement!!!

this is BS. I was told multiple times by at&t 4AM but both times they said you can order at 4am so you only have X amount of hours left, the math worked out to 3am. I think its 3 am and they are just saying 4 so the site doesnt crash, or at&t wont be ready at 3. My money is on 3AM.

everything apple does always goes by california time. its technicaly not the 15th there yet for another 30 minutes according to my clock.


Yeah I could probably make do with the 16GB but for the extra $100 I would rather be safe than sorry. Especially with that HD video.

32 for me. Upgrading from an 32 ipod touch, and I almost have 16 in just music alone. So 16 wouldn't do me a lot of good.

havent talked to anyone…but…done the math….and if its not available in 30 minutes then i am going naughty nighting:)….
and if it is available, they better have a white one….cause if not, i will be cussing alooooooooot till all my neighbors start b**ching…lol

haha same here! I want the white one soo bad but will take the black if need be.

they better have a white one!…Or i am gonna be b**ch slapping a lot of people in the Apple store tomorrow…lol

if you have 2 registered for iphones then u shouldnt have a problem upgrading both:)

I am going to make an educated guess based on everything I have read up until this point that the Apple store will be back up in 30 mins. Seem very logical to me.

I don't want to think about it too much, but once this is over we still have over a week til we actually get the phone :(.

I know I know but just think: It's yours! Yeah you have to wait but at least it will be yours no matter what!

Not to sound too awkward but once I get this thing ordered I will go to sleep with a smile on my face! :-D

same for me. i wanted to go to bed knowing i ordered my phones but the reality is they arent going to run out on the pre order and we will still be able to order. I am just an obsessed fan that is going to regret staing up so late when my 8 month old wakes up in an hour screaming her head off. FML but i love apple

Oh boy am I in your position. I love Apple and their phones and can't wait the 6-7 hours to order. iPhone 4 > Sleep

9 minutes….fingers crossed..toes crossed…and boobies r crossed as well:)

Do you guys think there will be an option to pay when you pick it up? Or maybe just a down payment now?

which exactly link r we suppose to use to order one?..the same page where we signed up to be notified?

Is there a limit on how many iphones you can pre-order. The whole family is upgrading– all five lines.

Well..its 1 AM in Denver..which means its 3 am EST…so which means they r launching the stoopid pre order at 4 am EST…UGHHHHHH…..

I can cuss in here right?!

I am gonna take a safe bet and start cussing in russian:)


hmm….i dont feel any better:(

but only 1 hour left:(……
i will be cussing myself if i go to sleep now

How about double espresso shot?:)…cause thats what i am gonna be having

well work is at 9am and it's only 1 in Denver so I guess I can stay up just a little bit longer :D

I am in Denver too…..2 am is not that bad..i feel really bad for people on east coast though:(

ok ok i'll stick it out,u guys are keepin me goin. this is the friendliest thread ive ever been on…the guys over at macrumors are douchmonkeys :(

Me, but only because I'm usually up to this time anyways. I haven't lost hope for 3 am just yet though, I wasn't expecting it to be right it 3:00:00. Trying to stay optimistic.

the universe implodes and we all go to another dimension where iphone 4s are free and u can get as many as u want for ur househould lol DUH

its gonna be time to pre order our new and shiny and orgasmic iphone 4 :)

I'm pumped!

We need to seriously stay in touch so we can continue to discuss our iPhone Adventures!

i agree!!! but how? ummm im not signed up on this sight, anyone mind giving out emails? or should i just sign up? lol

iphone_4_me i sent u an email just in case u couldnt see it cuz the thread is soooo small, but ill make an account too

sounds like a plan:)…at least give each other support till the 24th…lol

ATT has locked me out of my account for an hour. Seems like you guys have figured out that you can order from apple with the same “discount”. Any word on if the 64g will be available in white? It’s like no one wants my $300! The att site says it’ll be delivered AS SOON as the 24th. IMO this means that if you get in asap, your order will ship first round and it’ll be on my doorstep the 24th. Thoughts?

their picture changed to 'pre-order now' – clicked on it…… and shows the 3gs and 3g… tricked me!!!!!!!

AAAAAAAHHHH my p***y is black!!! WHAT THE HAY STEVEN JOBS! CAN I PLEASE HAVE MY IPHONE SO I CAN SHOOT, EDIT, AND POST MY DAMN PORNS……. GEEEEEZZZZZ!!!! is back up and no longer says 'coming soon" it says "pre-order now" but stll only list 3gs

I notice a link on att webstie it says preorder now, but when u click it all the iphones are the old ones.

whoa whoa buddy theres always a more peaceful solution lol–throw the computer instead DUH!! :P lol

Yea take my money b****.

been hitting the pre order thing for a while myself….
can't connect to att people via phone…

opps, didn't realize the first post went through, so need to sleep, but SOOO need to preorder :D

well then it must be worth the wait.
you do realize that the tax is calculated on the full price…
damn fine print!
So who's getting what?

so if anyone is native indian they wont pay the tax so then iphone will be free….:)

bummer thought as much…
But here's some good news fellow nuts…
I just got off the phone with AT&T and the lady said we only have to wait a little longer, pre order opens at 1am PST

but i am ordering through Apple website…and those b*tches better be open in like 17 minutes!

I think att will be quicker for me, cause they have all my info….
which one are you getting?

32GB White:)

What about you?

I had black all this time so i am kinda bored of it already

32 Black, I guess I'm still a rocker at heart….
white just doesn't go with my image….

me neither, I'm going to go take a leak right now , so I don't have to get up at inappropriate times and loose my spot in the line :D (TMI? I know I know :)

yea once my eyes close for more than 3 seconds i will official be in a comatose sleep. i wouldnt wake up if iphone 4s grew legs and took over the world :-/

u need a better fiancee! :)……people who r sleeping right now or dont care- those r nuts! :)

well at least he has a fiancee, and very soon he'll have the iphone 4, lucky you dude, you got everything :D

apparently my last comment was too graphic and needs approval…
Anyway, I'll soon have my 'shiny Iphone soon,
I'm in one of the best places in the world and if only women found indian accents as hot as brit ones I'd have it made…

what she said!
Here's another rumor for you btw,
"the new iphone is like an aphrodisiac for women"

soon (adverb) without undue time lapse (apple needs to check out their use of this word)

Anyone know if there are any good CLEAR cases that will be available immediately? If it's like the 3g, the apple store will have like 2 choices for a month after the damn thing comes out. Glass on both sides means a case is a must and there is no point in picking a color if you cant see it anyway.

I am making this post so we can continue the previous one because it is getting wayy tooo small

I set my alarm 5 min till 12 and find out its cali time then i reset the alarm for 5 min till 2 and LOOK WHAT TIME IT IS :(…….. this is depressing!!!!!

I have the same link and same old phones, I believe they may be getting closer but damn this excitement is gonna kill me before i get to confirm my purchase…. lol

i get the same issue, i am wondering now if it isnt hawaiian time 12:05 when it will be available, like in half an hour

i alternate between the post it note site, and the old iphones that say they're iphone 4 preorder. not wasting my time at all :)

4am's gotta be the time. …since AK is the furthest out here in the US zones. 12m here sounds like the the "fair" time.

i was just able to add the iphone 4 in black to my cart. however im gonna wait for apple cuz i want white. i had to login to my account first then chose upgrade

Man im getting my hopes up now what do you all think? Really AT&T website was out an now its back up. What if apple come back up an no link to pre order an wasted our time???


its here ahhh! no white tho idc!!! its mine mine mine MINE! no one else pre order! tehe see yu guys on the other side!! lol

i dont have a contract with at&t. how come im paying 299 for the 16gb? that sucks plus the 18 upgrading fee! =(

Well, Im on the verge of buying a black one… but, it's not like I can pick it up any sooner anyways… F'n BS. What a waste of time… Smokin a J then bed… F you Apple

AMEN THATS WHAT I SAY i sold my 3g las week hoping i would be able to pre oder an get it next Thursday apple has made me not want to buy another thing from them this has jus pissed me off an im not gonna order the black one i hated it when i had my 3g

someone please post the link from the apple store that goes directly to purchase the iphone cause it still has the post-it for me

wow how many people can be on at this time, this is taking forever to process… and white is not available :(

yes – in for 1 via att site … can't get thru on apple site – boss having me pre-order 1 for him… he should've given me his att login…lol

do NOT refresh lol i made that mistake and took forever to get back to processing

I made it through and i was about to finalize….than some BS about it timing out…started over and its taking forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I finally got throught but it said pick up only and I had to pay $700 eventhough I checked last week I could upgrade. I'm closer to giving up and waitong for att's site.

hey everyone, i was able to make it all the way through and order an iphone 4–got to the thank you screen and received a confirmation e-mail…hang in there, it'll process

and did you actually get it delivered to your house? I cant get it to stop wanting me to only pick it up in store.

well i actually submitted my order at 4:02 (i'm in NY), it really only took about 15 seconds…and yes, it is being delivered to my house–it says "Ships: Delivers on June 24"

has anyone got AT&T to work….says Error 403 forbidden…apple says just processing information for 10 plus mins now

This is so frustrating AT&T is horrid…i have 3 apple links trying to process my AT&T information…and AT&T website is down for upgrading status…

i have two windows processing information b/c i have 2 lines on my account eligible for upgrade so hopefully it works!!!

in store pickup!!!!
so now i can check during the day tm to see if radio shack can preorder the white

i dunno, however if radioshack can promise me a white one (which i doubt given apple doesnt even have them) i can just cancel my reservation and do it thru radioshack

If you are with ATT now and want to get the contract upgrade price you have to order from them. New customers can order from Apple

is everyone just watching ?

has anyone that is an existing AT&T customer been able to get their existing account information from apple's website I hope we don't have to wait till 7am because AT&T blows

I cannot get it! It's stuck at the Processing Information screen. I've tried about 20 times since 4AM on the dot. WTF

for the people that have allready pre-ordered the iphone 4 how long did it take at the processing information?

It has kicked me our 3 times already and not it just says processing… come on apple I want me 32 GB

I think the people who have got it to go through are not AT&T existing customers….it seems like this is all AT&T's fault and apple is not apple to get our information from their website…just another example of why AT&T blows

apple has been processing information for the past 15-20 minutes….anyone else waiting this long or longer???

Whoever got theirs, did you let it sit on the waiting screens or did you exit out and just start over to get it?

"We were unable to complete set up online.

To finish creating your account, you’ll need to visit an Apple Retail Store where we can help you in person."

That's all I keep getting. I have an AppleID and have ordered online before…What gives?

ALthough the apple site said I'm eligible (then processed forever and kicked me off), the ATT site keeps saying "No plans available" – anyone else have this problem?

Hey guys, I am an existing AT&T customer with an iphone 3g…i was able to log in on apple's site, and i ordered an iphone 4 to be delivered to my house–the process took no more than 20 seconds…i think i got in before most people though

they were the same, yes…on my confirmation e-mail it says that iphones must be shipped to the AT&T billing address–maybe try making it the same addresss

it's a PO Box…and they don't ship to them. Guess it's night night for me. One less person trying…

has anyone got their AT&T information loaded on apple site…been processing this information for over 40 mins now and i have 5 plus tabs open now trying to load….

the lady at att said they were updating their systems,
dumb asses!

I talked to Apple and the white one will be available immediately. No delay until summer. That was a rumor.

I just clicked pick up in store. And it said it would be $599 but I'm sure that is a mistake. Because I am eligible for an upgrade.

Been “re-doing” it since 4:00, that’s 50 minutes now……I wanna fist fight anyone who works for apple

Just managed to order through AT&T and got it shipped. Also managed to ship to an address different from my regular billing address. Looks like the AT&T website is working better than the Apple website. I tried the Apple website so many times but it crashes at various steps.

Finally went through after an hour,

When:Thursday, June 24
Where:Palo Alto, Palo Alto

price is prolly a mistake cause att says I'm eligible for the upgrade price….

Me too! I almost got to the end twice and it's been an hour of multiple attempts. One of my windows ended up on a reserve page, so I reserved one. Is that enough, or should I still try to pre-order one in case they sell out???

Just managed to order through AT&T and got it shipped. Also managed to ship to an address different from my regular billing address. Looks like the AT&T website is working better than the Apple website. I tried the Apple website so many times but it crashes at various steps.

I upgraded through the AT&T website. I don't know if it makes a difference that I was logged on to the AT&T premier website since I have a company discount. Good luck to all!

If it's anything like the 3GS was, then:

– if you go to AT&T, you can either buy the iPhone at full price, or you can get it at the with-contract price ($199/$299) by adding 2 years to your contract (or signing up for a new contract). AT&T is subsidizing the rest of the cost of the phone. AT&T will activate it for you.

– if you go to Apple, you can buy it at full price, or if you are a NEW customer to AT&T you can buy it at the $199/$299 price and Apple will run the credit check, etc., and confirm you are contract eligible, and send you home to activate yourself with AT&T.

– what you couldn't do, if you were an existing AT&T customer, is add onto your existing contract to get the $199/$299 price, by going to the Apple store – because Apple doesn't have direct access to your AT&T account to confirm your contract eligibility (ie: AT&T's willingness to pay the rest of your phone's cost in exchange for you signing a contract).

But maybe they've straightened some of that out this time around?

It keeps saying "There are no plans available for you device at this time" It says to Choose Existing plan, but there is no button for that. Help!

It seems like you can pre-order for delivery, or for in-store pickup. Pickup in AT&T store starts on June 25th if you pre-order. That's what an AT&T rep told me on chat today.

Kind of bummed right now. Wasn't able to pre order it online because of my 0 credit history. Guess I'll need to go to the store tomorrow and pay that 500 dollar deposit :(. Oh well, good night guys, and enjoy your iPhones.

use the following link and test your luck if your company has a tieup with att. if yes, you will get 20% discount on monthly bill.

I know my company is eligible for discount.. however it would be nicer if the discount applied on the phone as well…

Finally got it thru….time to sleep…but in these initial hours..ATT performed much better than Apple…


called ATT and they said 90% of business premier members cant even access the new iphone. mostly angry because that includes me lol

I get pretty far in the pre-order process, then I get this message: To finish creating your account, you’ll need to visit an Apple Retail Store where we can help you in person. Can anyone help?

no, I've been with att for a long time. I've gone through the process probably 4 times, and get this every time. I am going through

I just pre-ordered my iPhone 4 on AT&T website.. Apple was stuck on loop.. So I went 2 AT&T and boom.. It was there.. Was up around 2:10am pacific-L.A.. Good luck my ppl!!!!

mine went through on At&t with no problem..existing 3g the 199 hang ups at all…i actually got mine to go through over an hour ago…got the black 16gb..shipped directly to my house so i don't have to deal with that in-store BS!!

why won't you people just use At&t's site?? everyone's having problems with apples…no issues with at&t..AND they'll ship it to you as well…you don't HAVE to use Apples site!

because everyone is convinced that att wont deliver on release day, id rather take the chance then spen my whole morning fighting with the apple page.att went smooth for me too

Apple just crashed. If you haven't already and have an ATT acount, their website is taking pre orders right now without problems. I did it in less than 5 minutes…thank god. I waited for an hour at apple no luck. kinda weird how apple is that one that's not prepared for this server crash.

wait nvm, it doesn't let you select the iPhone 4. only the 3gs. GOT DAMMIT. im going to sleep lol

ATT is your best bet..I just looked at apple again and its still screwed…ATT has FREE overnight shipping too!!!!

My screen has said processing info for over an hr going to bed maybe when i wake up it will have gone threw

When I try to preorder on AT&T site, I am forced to log in and asked to upgrade. Then I only see the 3gs. Where is everyone going???

neither of you have ordered one yet right? I was able to get one ordered for another account, but was just wanting to make sure it wasn't related to the fact that I had already placed one order for one account. Wouldn't think so, but of course ALL the possibilities are going through my head at this point..

Yeah seems Apple's site has had MUCH more trouble than AT&T. I was able to breeze through At&T's around 5:30EST and order one pretty quick.

Can still get into my ATT account. Just can't do anything useful in there. :)

lol – this has become the stay-up thread.

Lets talk about something pleasant rather than obsessing over time..still 45 minutes left…..

Lets talk about cases..did anyone find any cases for the new 4?

FYI – If you're not seeing the new phone listed in your options on AT&T and have a corporate discount of some sort that is the reason. I have 2 separate accounts , one with a corporate discount and one without. The non-corporate continues to show the 4G available for all 3 phones on that account. The corporate discount account does not show it for any of the 4 phones on that account….. AT&T please hurry and fix this……

Well when I ordered mine from a regular acct, it was in bold lettering no discounts on new iPhone. So I guess that's the reason why you won't see it on your discount acct.

no I should get the upgrade i get it on apples site then it crashes, plus i have not used an upgrade since early 2008

Yeah, I can't even try anymore – they did at least fix that. If you have a corp discount they just turned off the automatic upgrade process, and replaced it with this:

We apologize for the inconvenience, but we are unable to support this request online. Please contact Premier Support at 1-866-499-8008 Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 9 p.m. Eastern Time for assistance with your request. Please reference Error P1232 if you speak to a representative about this error.

lol…..which song r we gonna sing?:)

rapping is probably more appropriate..they r always angry and cussing a lot..i think it will go perfect with our current state of mind:)

how about "i will always love you" by whitney houston because we will always love apple no matter how long they make us wait lol

and make that a trio lol

Just noticed the original post actually said 4am… we've come full circle. :)

I think if twitter wasn't totally drowning right now we'd see #iphone4 as a trending topic because the buzz about it right now is just nuts :)

It looks like there will be quite a few iPhone 4 hopefuls being disappointed come launch day the 24th of June as those who are wanting to grab hold of the new iPhone 4 in white rather than black will find they still have a bit of a wait ahead.

The reason being according to an article by Chris Ziegler over on Engadget, by way of Modmyi, AT&T will only offer the black iPhone 4 as of launch and the white iPhone 4 will follow at “later this summer.”

Now we have been running a poll on whether our readership would opt for the black or white iPhone 4 and currently the white iPhone 4 is more popular than its black counterpart, you can check out the figure on that poll by hitting up (here).

Unfortunately is isn’t known if the black only available on launch day extends beyond the Big Blue so it is possible that 3rd party retailers just may offer the white iPhone 4 as of launch day, but if the exclusive carrier in the States isn’t going to offer the white iPhone 4 on June 24th, it doesn’t look good for anywhere else does it.

apple says I can reserve the 32g black for 699 for instore pick up, even though att said I'm eligible for upgrade…anyone else having this issue?

Lots of issues with the AT&T bit of the process. Can't get their folks on the phone, either – it says "1 minute" until someone will answer but then it just hangs up on you.

i am now 80 years old, waiting for my iphone 4 pre order to process meehhhh where are my teeths? ugh im about to give up since u can only get the black anyway.

im am definitely a girl lol but its okay my screen name doesnt make that obvious, aaaaand thanks to at&t i got my iphone before i could forget who my grandchildren were mehhhhh

I couldn't get a pre-order to go thru, but i was able to reserve one for in-store pickup on the 24th. No confirmation email yet so not really convinced it worked.

ATT now has the upgrade option on their front page but once you log into your account you can't get to it again. I haven't found anyone that has successfully used ATT's site to upgrade.

after clicking on upgrade eligibility, site takes you to selection of phones… there was a gray iphone 4 ad box that says pre-order now… clicked that, scroll down and locate the iphone 4 – there are blue 'pre-order' buttons to the right of them… click that, follow the next few steps (select data plan or keep existing, add any accessories, enter info, complete)

that sux… been trying to go thru apple's site for the boss, no bueno… he should've given me his att login info… going to bed… good luck though! gotta get up in 2.5 hrs for work… :)

Gateway Timeout

The proxy server did not receive a timely response from the upstream server.
Reference #1.80a31645.1276592381.16ea68

That's wahat i get on the att site….

just ordered mine thru att and it went thru smooth as hell…screw apple going to sleep.goodnight america!

im a new customer and i just realized they only asked me for my info when they were doing the credit check and then charged my card, they did ask for any billing or shipping info, they also didnt ask if i wanted it to be delivered to a store, should i just assume itll be delivered to my house? i ordered thru att

of course i click add to cart on apple and the sticky note pops back up. BS.

i called ATT and a lot of business premier members are screwed out of seeing the iphone due to the "overhwhelming demand"…so unexpected, i'm sure. no one could have guessed that the new iphone would have been popular.

Guys if you haven't got one. Download apple store app, at app store on your iPhone. It will let you upgrade and pre order. Only downside, pick up only at apple location.

i have not gotten the email from apple yet after you pre-order the iphone so does any one know what is in the email?

I got mine thru ATT and upgraded a line last night. They also charged my card already. Now my line shows available for upgrade on 2012. So I'm assuming my order is good.

I got my cofirm email..I also ordered it as soon as the att site was avail. Kept hitting refresh for an hour and it popped up and placed the order. So Im sure I got lucky and was within one of the first 1000 people to do it thru att. Only thing is just like the stores..we will get it on the 25..att will ship on the 24th..they will NOT ship prior to release date..

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