USA vs Slovenia FIFA 2010 World Cup, Was Slovenia Win Stolen from USA?

USA vs Slovenia FIFA 2010 World Cup, Was Slovenia Win Stolen from USA?

usa vs slovenia world cup

The USA soccer teamed played Slovenia today in a match that was exciting to watch, while simultaneously frustrating from the USA side. A score late in the soccer match by the United States was taken away from the USA soccer team because of a controversial call from the referee. This goal by the USA would have put them up 3-2 against Slovenia and given the US team a “Win” instead of a “Tie”.

However, the call stood and USA soccer team ended the match against Slovenia in a 2-2 tie.

What’s interesting still about the USA vs Slovenia game is that even with a tie being the result, I think that the US soccer team is still doing amazingly well. Nobody expected the USA soccer team to go very far in the 2010 World Cup. However, with 2 games now behind the US, the fact that they’ve tied both games (and haven’t loss any) tells me that the US soccer team is doing far better than anyone expected.

Anything can happen in the FIFA World Cup and even though the USA soccer team is not expected to go very far, we could see things unfold very differently than expected.

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We we're so robbed. The entire game the ref pulled some questionable calls. Why on Earth did they employ a novice to be a ref in the WORLD CUP?!

Why in something so important to every nation in it., Don't they have a panel of judges to watch a replay of Question calls and overturn them,I say the whole world is jealous of us and are out to who do us anyway they can, So I say as an american bring it on.

Flood FIFA with your thoughts!!

Talking points:
– Need some type of video replay (year is 2010)
– Ref should have to give some type of explanation for decision (any other profession would be held to this standard)
– If ref is reputed to be bad – yellow cards given out during that game erased, and USA should receive formal apology from ref for destroying one of the greatest come from behind wins in all of US soccer history.

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