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Forget The White iPhone 4, How About The White HTC EVO 4G?

white htc evo 4gForget The White iPhone 4, How About The White HTC EVO 4G?

Apple decided it was best to not release the white iPhone 4 for pre order last week when the iPhone 4 debuted on the Apple website and on AT&T’s website for pre order. Not only did the missing white iPhone 4 upset a bunch of people, it made a whole lot of us ask, “why in the world doesn’t Apple open the white iPhone 4 for pre order?”

White HTC EVO 4G

According to Fortune, Sprint’s HTC EVO 4G will be coming in White.

The white HTC EVO 4G is expected to be a Best Buy Mobile exclusive until August, and orders are supposed to begin today.

Pricing is expected to be the same, $199 with a two-year Sprint 4G plan.

Should Apple be worried?

I’m of the opinion that Apple may have purposely withheld the white iPhone 4 from the market in an effort to create artificial supply and demand constraints. These artificial, or man-made supply shortages would have a psychological effect on the market place and make the white iPhone 4 in much higher demand.

Of course, I don’t know for sure if this was Apple’s purpose or not.

But with a white HTC EVO 4G coming to market shortly (expected availability for pre order is July 11th via Best Buy Mobile), then perhaps people will eject from the pursuit of a new white iPhone 4 and instead take the easier route of getting a white HTC EVO 4G?

Even though Apple might be trying to create an artificial supply / demand constraint, the HTC EVO 4G is ready to step in and offer consumers an alternative to Apple’s supply games – especially with the white iPhone 4.

I find this all ironic because wasn’t it the white iPhone 3GS that Apple couldn’t give away?