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Can Google Android Gain from The iPhone 4 Mess?

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In light of  all the negative iPhone 4 publicity that is racing around the web, I couldn’t help but wonder if this wouldn’t be a good time for Google Android to take some action.

The iPhone 4 device just received a warning to consumer from Consumer Report. This is equivalent of a nuclear bomb being dropped in cyber space. It’s so bad in fact, that Apple has decided to delete a lot of the discussions that are unfolding at the Apple forum.

So I would think that now is a good time for Google Android to take some action and capitalize on all the negative information surrounding the iPhone 4.

On Thursday, the Motorola Droid X is coming out which is powered by Android 2.2. This seems to be perfect timing in light of the iPhone 4 debacle.

Do you think we’ll see some more Android powered phones hitting the market as the iPhone 4 mess continues to grow?

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