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SmartQ T7 & T7-3G Android 2.1 Tablets Announced in China

smartq t7 3g android 2 1

SmartDevices, the company best known for it’s Linux (Ubuntu) powered tablet, is about to release a new Android 2.1 powered tablet – the SmartQ T7 and the SmartQ T7-3G models. These new SmartQ tablets have a 7 inch touchscreen display and again, are powered by Android 2.1. The SmartQ has both WiFi and 3G support for Internet connectivity.

SmartQ T7 & T7-3G pricing:

Engadget has broken down the price into US dollars for both of the SmartQ T7 devices:

WiFi connectivity – ¥1,480 ($219) T7;

3G – ¥1,880 ($278)

EVDO and WCDMA flavors of the T7-3G – ¥1,980 ($292)

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